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Ella will not let you down. The shape let it hit all the right places. It is light and contours to my body well. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. This toy is fabulous and a must-have for any toybox.

Ella is the loveliest lady of the land. Her streamline design and ease of use and easy clean up along with high end packaging make her desirable to all. Add to that, that she has 2 uses and we've got a home-run with this toy. While it may take you awhile to get Ella's full reward, it will be well worth to for use with her and every other toy in the long run.

If you are looking for a great silicone dildo that is perfect for g-spot stimulation, then Ella by Lelo is your toy! Lelo is a line of luxury sex toys and Ella is towards the bottom of the price range but she does not lack in quality! I highly recommend this dildo for squirting also.

My first Lelo toy and I'm sure it won't be my last. Ella is gorgeous to look at, feel and use.

I really loved everything about this toy. I was able to add on a vibrating cock ring when I wanted vibration, or I could just use another toy alongside it. One thing I did love was the flexibility, which helped it reach the hard-to-reach places, and kept me from getting pinched when I used it with another toy.

This toy is a great addition and I am sure I will find myself using it fairly off. Granted I was slightly disappointed since it was only a dildo and not a vibrator but other then that I found it was a great item. The packaging as always was superb and the freebies always included with LELO's products was great as well. If you do not require vibration to get off I would definitely recommend giving this toy a try!

I wanted so badly to love the Ella, but for my anatomy it just didn't quite make the cut. It might work well for someone with different needs, but I found it too difficult to thrust with.

The Ella is beautiful, elegant, and sleek. It's material is smooth, textureless, and body-safe. The curve for the G-spot is prominent but not as prominent as I would have liked, especially in comparison to the PicoBong Moka, which I found was very similar.

On sale, Ella was definitely worth it. If other G-spot toys have rocked your world and you're looking to explore other shapes, Ella is a good candidate. I wouldn't pick it up for a first dildo or if you have had issues with toys catching on your pubic bone before. This a high quality piece that could last a lifetime with proper care.

Want something that will rock your world? Something to ease your way into the world of dildos? Well, this is the toy for you. Her great design pleases all your spots. The simplicity of using her and making yourself feel good is at its peak with Ella. It's a great size and very durable. It's basically like having two toys in one! The two heads ensure a great time! Plus she is easy to clean. She is just h'Ella awesome!

Ella is my third Lelo toy and by far my favorite. She is both versatile and made of a high quality material, making her worth every penny.

This item is awesome at doing what it does, which is finding the G-spot. Get this dildo if you are looking for your G-spot, or already know where it is.

The Ella Pleasure Object, from Lelo is the perfect combination of form and function. It comes in an elegant presentation box, it is stunning to look at, a pleasure to hold, and a deligth to use. Ella is simply wonderful.

Ella is so gorgeous and I wanted to fall in love with her so badly. Sadly, neither end worked for me. She wont be my main choice for solo play. I can see myself using this on myself to get my next man turned on. I can also see someone else use this on me. This has worked well for so many people, so I'd still recommend it to anyone, but just warn them it may not work for them.

Ella is a great choice if you're looking for something sleek, body safe, and that doesn't scream "I'm a sexy toy". The sleek size is great for beginners and those that don't like a lot girth with toys. With both ends being usable, you basically get a "2 for 1" deal.

Depending on what stimulation works best for you, your hand size, and how wet you get, the Ella is either a must buy or must avoid. It looks gorgeous sitting around, and feels great for g-spot stimulation, but just doesn't work for long play as it gets really hard to grip.

While I found the smooth end of the Ella to be an effective warm up and the G-spot end to be highly stimulating on the G-spot: I can definitely understand why this won’t work for everyone’s anatomy. With some reporting that the pointed end is uncomfortable and others reporting that the G-spot end is uncomfortable: For me the gamble paid off hugely so when this works out, it can work so well!

I'm really glad that I got Ella. If I hadn't found her I would never have known the pleasure I could get from my G-spot!

I was incredibly disappointed with Ella--I love g-spot stimulation and so many people seem to adore this toy, so I was really hoping it'd work for me. It's beautiful and well-designed, but it really didn't fit my anatomy at all and I found it painful to use.

As far as simple dildos go, Ella stands at the top of the pile. An elegant and well made toy, it has quickly become my favorite, replacing so many others.

Ella is a seriously beautiful toy made of premium silicone. This toy is completely body safe and comes with two storage options. It's a really nice design, and I love it for thrusting, but it snags my pubic bone occasionally during g-spot stimulation. I'd still recommend her because she's elegant, luxurious, and she does hit the spot!

Ella is possibly a perfect dildo. Even more so, it's possibly a perfect G-spotter. It's also elegant, luxurious and a great value. Any cons that I can think of are ones you would know before you buy it, making Ella a near-guarantee for satisfaction. What are you waiting for?

Ella is a beautiful, high quality, silicone toy. But she has yet to deliver the performance I was expecting. Still not sure though if that has to do with her shape not really working for my shape, or because I'm too caught up in my head space about trying to achieve a G-spot orgasm...

Ella is a great addition to any toy box. With her double ends and smooth finish there is nothing not to like. She is great for beginners as well as the most advanced user.

Great for beginners and experienced users alike, Ella provides a wonderful experience for everyone. Excellent for both clitoral and g-spot stimulation!

Overall, I would have to rate Ella highly. It's a good size for me when I'm not looking for something larger, so it's a good every day toy. It's a very comfortable size. It's durable and shows no signs of wear. It is wonderfully easy to clean and the two heads ensure that I have two toys in one. The G-spot side of the toy doesn't blow my mind, but I doubt it's due to the design of the toy. I would buy this toy again, as I've gotten a lot of use out of it.

Ella is a high quality, luxurious g-spot lover. Her unique design allows for an extraordinary amount of uses. Pairing her with a clitoral vibrator will bring you to places you have never been. If you are new to g-spot stimulation, get her. If you are experienced with g-spot stimulation, still get her. Give her a chance and Ella won't fail you.

Overall, this is the best non-vibrating toy I own. The materials are of high quality, the texture feels velvety and lovely, and the g-spot stimulation is great for beginners and more experienced users alike.

I got my Ella on sale and with what I paid I am happy to keep her and try her again for a rainy day. Maybe some day I'll get lucky? If you are in doubt, save up the money and go for the Gigi, it has Ella's similar design but it also vibrates and I have a feeling that if Ella did that, I'd have no complaints!

My first high-end toy. With practice and a rocking motion (rather than thrusting), it is an invaluable toy. It is the main toy I use. It hits my G-spot with a pleasant amount of pressure and it is small enough to allow for easy movement. It is very good quality (mine is two years old and looks brand new) and cleaning with soap and water is a snap. It doesn't have any weird ridges to clean and doesn't collect lint. A great buy!

If you're looking for a real go-getter for your g-spot, this might not be the toy for you. However, if you are looking for a satisfying, sturdy, and decidedly feminine object, the Ella is a fantastic companion for an erotic evening.

In terms of quality, Ella is a fantastic toy. Well made, well designed. I'm sad to say that it did nothing for my g-spot.

I received this as a gift, and it's the best gift I've ever gotten. It's such a thrill to use, and is easy to maintain. 100% silicone means it's completely safe and easy to clean. The box it comes in is perfect for storage.

The Ella is by far one of the most quality toys I have ever, and likely will ever, own. Regardless of the low price, I'd describe this as a luxury toy. It's beautiful, has a wonderful design and texture with a quality material, and gives numerous amounts of different experiences. The only con it has is it's smaller size (which makes it GREAT for beginners!), but even that can be overlooked.

Ella has some amazing things going for her... and has some serious faults too. It is like a genius invented one end... and a torturer the other.

This toy is nearly utterly perfect. I say nearly because it is about 25% too small for my needs, and without a motor, I need a partner, that I currently don't have. If she were larger, she would be without hesitation, a 5 star toy. If you have never tried LELO or if you've never tried g-spot toys this is the perfect toy to experiment with. The price point is a steal for the quality of the design and silicone quality.

Ella is elegant and luxurious. She is amazing when in use and I know you'll want to snuggle up with her because she just feels that incredible. Seriously get her. Being double ended makes her versatile and on the off chance she doesn't work for your anatomy you have a snuggle toy. No but really, you'll still be able to use her with the straight end! The g-spot end made me squirt! You don't need anymore reasons to buy her right now.

Ella is an amazing toy, she will soon become your number one lover - so long as you and her are compatible. Her curved nature may be difficult for some use, but it's all dependent on your body type. Other than that, she's beautiful!

Ella is the “Swiss Army Knife” of LELO’s sex toy line. Although her head is perfect for G-spot manipulation, her tip can serve many purposes. She can do almost anything, with anyone. I definitely recommend her to those new to G-spot play or toys in general. Her ease of use makes her perfect for solo play and discovery, but don’t feel as if you need to leave your partner out in the cold. Ella’s not an intimidating piece of equipment. She's something that anyone could have fun experimenting with!

The Ella is a small, sophisticated toy made of body-safe materials, but a bit lacking in the performance. My expectations were a bit too high for this toy.

Ella is a wonderful twist to your typical dildo. This piece is uniquely designed to provide ideal g-spot pressure. If you crave thumping type stimulation to make you squirt, then Ella is sure to be a hit. Easy to use and control, Ella even works great for conventional stimulation.

Ella is a terrific toy for anyone looking to be introduced to the sex toy scene without being overwhelmed or scared off. There are tons of toys on the market, and Ella is a simplistic dildo that requires manual operation. There are no vibrations, ridges, clamps, etc. This dildo is smooth, and it inserts well. The g-spot stimulator works well, but the penetration side lacks a bit.

A silicon, luxury, double-ended dildo for $40? What is there not to love? Ella might look minimalistic but she sure packs a punch.

I really tried to get Ella to work for me, she has some really great reviews and she's from LELO. I wanted her to work, I thrusted her, I rocked her and I put her away.

I want to love Ella, but I'm afraid it did not live up to my expectations. On its own, I cannot reach pleasure. But accompanied by clitoral vibration, it's not bad at all. It's just uncomfortable for me because it catches on my pubic bone every time I use it. It is still a decent dildo though and, with the safe and elegant silicone finish, it might still be for you.

Not your average dildo, but a great one! Ella is the best dildo I have ever used. Hits the spot every time!

This is the perfect non-vibrating toy. I tried to find its cons but just cannot! I have no doubts and enjoy Ella.

Ella is a dream come true to anyone who loves g-spotting. She is also great if you are just learning your body and are trying to find your g-spot. She is a luxurious toy at a rock bottom price. She is a must have in any collection.

Ella is a fabulous, double-ended dildo that is completely water-proof. Her seamless design and super-smooth texture add an amazing feeling to masturbation and g-spot massage. She can be used alone or with a partner in a variety of ways making her extra special. Her flat end hits the g-spot like a pro and her phallic-shaped end can thrust you to paradise and back. For just $40, Ella is a fantastic toy and makes a great gift for the special lady in your life.

The Lelo Ella is a double ended, luxury silicone toy. Great for beginners and advanced users alike, due to its small size, it's straight out a fabulous toy, well worth the price and very versatile for a dildo. It's inexpensive, travels well and is a break from your typical shaped toy. Whether you choose the banana end for prostate stimulation, or either end for vaginal/G-spot penetration I think you'll love what Ella can do for you.

The Ella by Lelo is a super velvety silicone dildo that's sure to please many g-spots. If you prefer your g-spot toys to be somewhat flexible and on the smaller side she's definitely for you. Just be sure to pick up a good water based lubricant because this little lady likes to grab!

Ella is a quality, safe, chic and discreet looking toy good for beginners and advanced users alike. If you're looking for G-spot stimulation, this toy will blow your mind!

Ella is a beautiful, perfectly curved, discreet dildo that's perfect for solo or couple play. Everything from the toy to the packaging is 100% classy and high quality, making this a great gift for yourself or someone special. Ella is the perfect addition to any toy collection.

I love this toy and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to try a dildo for the first time or wants a toy for g-spot stimulation.

Ella Is Swell-a!

If you're looking for a cute, high quality, functional luxury dildo with a non-luxury price, then look no further! The Ella is everything you could ask for and more. It will surprise you with the level of quality you can get without breaking the bank.

LELO is known for their "luxury" toys and Ella did not disappoint, even though it's typically not what I desire in a toy. I quite enjoy having a safe, sanitary toy in my collection with dual heads for whatever fits my mood at the time. I love it!

As a g-spot dildo, it works, but it's really quite small. I prefer dildos that can fill me up AND stimulate my g-spot, so I find this one pretty "meh" overall.

The Ella by LELO is a toy staple everyone from beginners to advanced users should have in their toybox. It has two very different ends, and chances are that one of them will work wonders for you. For the price and the quality, what do you have to lose? This is an amazing safe and firm toy for G-spotting or basic penetration.

I'm glad I bought Ella as my first G-spotting dildo because it's a toy that knows how to go for the gold and put pressure there, enhancing my clitoral orgasms a lot. But I don't think it can provide enough pressure for someone who likes intense G-spot stimulation.

Ella is a quality-made silicone product that is good for beginning and experienced toy users alike. However, Ella just couldn't enchant me with her small size and incompatible design with my anatomy. She stabbed at me her long with end and would catch at me the other making for a frustrating experience.

I think this toy has a GREAT texture if you're into velvety silicone. Ella could work for some people, but I found it too pointy on the phallic end and the G-spot end. It won't be my only toy, but it could be good for beginners and good solo play. I think Lelo is a great company, so if Ella isn't your thing another toy from them could be a great addition to your collection!

The Lelo Ella is an amazing, waterproof, and elegant toy that sells for a fantastic price. It is made out of a food grade silicone and can be easily sterilized. There really are no complaints for Ella as she gleams with perfection!!

Ella is still a wonderful toy that should probably be in any respectable toy user's collection. Even if they're like me and don't end up using her that frequently.

The Ella by Lelo is a luxurious pleasure object that is sure to please a wide range of women. The material is absolutely delicious, the ergonomic curves are gorgeous, and the double ends make for a very versatile toy. Intended for g-spot stimulation, the Ella performs beautifully. I would recommend her to everyone!

If hitting your G-spot is a must for orgasm for you this is a great choice. Good for beginning to advanced users due to its versatile nature. Beautiful and functional this dildo is a must for any toy collection. The modern sleek look makes it almost UN-recognizable as a sex toy. It is so amazing I think everyone should have one.

If you haven't discovered your g-spot, Ella's great design, quality, and value should entice you to make the discovery and open up new pleasures and stimulation.

See how many 5 stars reviews this toy has? That's because it's an amazing toy that will work for a lot of different people. Ammongst those reviews, however, are the chosen few who just aren't going oogoley-eyed over Ella. I seem to be one of those people. I feel like this amazing toy will work for 9 out of 10 women, but 10% of us won't be able to see what the 90% is raving about.

Through this toy I've had good experiences with g-spot stimulation at my own pace. I haven't had a g-spot orgasm with Ella...yet. But you know what, even that is not a reason to pass up this dildo. It's about the journey, after all. This toy feels great regardless, so if you're new like me, go at your own pace. It's definitely worth the investment for quality design, presentation and pleasure.

This toy would be great for those who enjoy G-spot stimulation and not super long or wide dildos. I prefer clitoral stimulation to G-spot stimulation so I do not use this toy that often but it is nice every once in a while.

Simply put, LELO's Ella blew my mind. From her velveteen texture to her superb shape, the Ella provides incredible g-spot stimulation with little effort.

Overall, Ella is a wonderful first dildo; it's easy to clean, and incredible for vaginal stimulation by insertion. The G-spot stimulator may fall short for some users, but the other aspects of this toy make it worth the purchase regardless. Great for foreplay or for solo play, Ella is an excellent addition to anyone's toy box.

A warning to Pure Wand addicts- this toy may let you down. Ella is on the small end, soft-ish silicone, and while she has a g-spot curve, it really didn't give me nearly the amount of intense stimulation I crave. I think this is a great toy for G-spot beginners and those who prefer a smaller dildo, but Ella didn't do a damn thing for me!

Artistically simple, designed for your pleasure in a safe yet luxurious way. "Double-ended dildo" means you're getting two toys in one. The Lelo Ella is great for G-spot stimulation with no noisy sounds normally associated with vibrating toys. 100% silicone retains heat for a more realistic feel, and also means she is very easy to clean. A low maintenance, practical and effective toy.

Ella didn't live up to the hype for me. I guess I should have expected it, what with my annoyingly picky G spot and all. I figured I could at least add it in as a nicely shaped dildo, but the shape just wasn't special enough that I see myself grabbing for Ella very much. Oddly enough, I really love Gigi's shape. Apparently, there are a few slight differences that make a big impact for me.

Overall, this toy is low-maintenance, body-safe, and easy to store. It rather depends what type of inner body-shape you have. It was so painful for me to use that I'm contemplating throwing it away, but I may give it another shot in the future. However, it's been two weeks and this has not failed to stop hurting me.

My Nightly Paramour, Ella

Lelo's Ella is a lovely silicone dildo with two different ends. The narrower end is easy to insert and is great for warm-up. Plus, its tapered shape will stimulate the sensitive spot at the entrance to the vagina when thrusted. The curved, flat-headed end provides the best g-spot stimulation of any toy I've tried so far. I keep her in the lovely silk pouch she came in, right next to my bed, for easy nightly access. I can tell she will be a long-time favorite.

I have really struggled over the rating for this review. Ella is definitely a high quality toy and would make a nice gift for someone. She is easy to clean, easy to use, and has a dual ended design for variety. I am giving her three stars for her quality in design, packaging, and silicone. Ella's been given a reputation of the dildo that is the "best of all" and if that is the case, I will stick to my vibrators. Kudos to Lelo for their high quality toy - I just wish it left me satisfied.

If you're looking for a very firm and G-spot friendly toy that's durable, moderately sized, discreet, pleasant to the touch, odorless, and easy to clean up, there's very little chance you'll be disappointed in the Ella.

This product is FABULOUS! I know without a doubt that when I pull this toy out of our very extensive collection, that I will squirt over and over again. The shape of this toy is perfectly suited for g-spot pleasure, and I am always able to hit the spot with this fabulously simple toy.

The Ella is a delightful double-ended dildo made from high quality body-safe silicone. It is petite and non-intimidating, yet has an amazing ability to find my G-spot. It is absolutely perfect for thrusting my way to a squirting orgasm. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who hasn't found their G-spot yet, especially beginners who are looking for something that is not too big.

Do you love your g-spot so much that you want to buy it diamonds? Giving it the Ella is just about the same thing. This is a truly wonderful luxury toy from LELO that's totally affordable. It's slim, smooth, and full of pleasure. If you love gushy orgasms, get this dildo. Your g-spot will thank you and forever be in your debt.

Ella stood up to her rumors. She was sleek, completely desirable, and totally luxurious. She didn't take me over the top this time, but stay tuned for my follow up. She may surprise me yet.

This has been one of our great discoveries this year. It has made me go out and buy more water proof sheets for our bed. I gave it 4/5 stars because of the "sharp" edges. We can't play for as long as we would like. I would buy it again, and think that any other couple or single lady who is looking to squirt get one also.

The Ella is a beautiful and well-crafted silicone g-spot dildo. It's amazing and well-worth the buy. I'm just so in LOVE with it.

Ella is an awesome G-spot toy. She instantly made me feel like I was going to squirt. She is definitely one of the more high end toys, even though she's fairly cheep.

The Lelo Ella is by far one of the very best products I've had my hands on and coming from a girl that's got bins of intimate accessories, that's saying something. From the high grade silicone to the fantastic curve that hugs the g-spot perfectly this one product really is worth the time and money!

Ella is beautiful, but she can take time to master. She may not be the right fit for every person, but I do believe with time and patience she can be enjoyable.

I really have mixed feelings about the Ella. Everything about Lelo says luxury. The quality, the shape, the packaging, it's every detail that has built their name and this product does not sell them short. This silicone is amazing and I have never had a negative experience with my Ella however be careful not to make my mistake of setting unreasonable standards like I did. All three stars go towards quality and aesthetics. If I gave this product four or five, I feel it would be all hype.

I would suggest this toy to experienced users and beginners alike! I do think the toy is better for beginners, though, because of the size. An elegant, wonderful toy. The Ella is non-threatening in terms of size and the shape. Easy to clean, and store! Great for everyone.

The Ella has something for everyone: penetration, G-spot stimulation, or even clitoris stimulation. Her multiple uses combined with her beauty make her a must-have for any toy box.

Ella is one sophisticated and classy dildo. She is the popular kid in school. She is the life of the party, and she loves to give people amazing orgasms. She made me fall in love with one look. Ella is grace.

This elegant and high quality g-spot toy will really get you going. She is made of a firm velvety silicone, and you will have her in your toy box for years to come. Practice learning to (female) ejaculate now.

Ella's silky smooth texture, soft sloping design, and versitile ends makes her the ideal toy for any traditional dildo user.

Ella is amazing. If it were an ex-boyfriend, I'd be giving it nervous glances when I thought it wasn't looking, in hopes that it would like me back. But, there's a reason it's an ex: We're just not quite compatible. It's not you, Ella, it's me. But it was fun while it lasted.

I love this toy, it's my new favorite toy. It is amazing for g-spot stimulation, and very well-made for a woman's body. I would buy this toy over, and over again, but won't need to because of how well it's made.

For a non-vibrating toy, Ella provides just about all you could ask for. The texture and material are luxurious, water friendly, and inviting. This toy is wonderful to de-stress and unwind -- to spend some quality time focusing on yourself. It's not really good for a quick hit, but Ella is perfect for finding your G-spot, and I would recommend this to anyone who is in search of a G-spot orgasm. Since it's easy to hold, adding a vibrator with your other hand is a breeze.

I've gone on and on about how great this is as a g-spot toy, and I'll say it again. This is the perfect manual g-spot toy. I love the Ella!

Ella is a wonderful tool for new or experienced G spot adventurers. She hones in on the G spot, requires no batteries, is easy to care for, and will last you through many years of play if you take care of her. Many women have found success with her and her affordable price tag and beautiful design makes her easy to love.

Ella is a double-ended dildo with a unique shape, designed specifically for g-spotting at one end and more traditional penetration and thrusting at the other end. She is a great toy for beginners especially because of her small size and smooth texture.

In my opinion this dildo needs to come with a warning attached; "Hurricane Ella will likely result in earthquakes and tsunamis throughout the entire southern seaboard". The Ella is a solidly constructed, silky smooth, G-spot seeking toy that can be sterilized and comes with two awesome options for storage. It also happens to be totally affordable. Why would you not buy this?

The Ella was both my first Lelo toy and my introduction to dildos, and it most certainly did not disappoint. I loved the shape, and it worked very well for hitting my g-spot. It's an affordable toy that's easy to care for and easy to use.

Ella is a great g-spot toy, which can also be used in multiple ways. She is offered in three colors, and because she is made out of body safe silicone with a great design, Ella will have a place in our toy collection for a long time.

The Ella by LELO is a beautiful silicone double-ended dildo. Great for those who have a hard time finding their G-spot. Women rave about her constantly for this reason. Besides that, Ella is a luxurious, yet affordable toy, and a must-have for any woman's toy box.

Ella is a luxurious dual ended dildo for women who are on a mission to have a g-spot orgasm. Her sleek curves and slim neckline make her easy to slide in and out while milking your g-spot into squirting orgasms - Ella definitely knows how to work it!

If you are a beginner who is seeking to locate and learn how to best stimulate your g-spot, Ella is the one for you. If you and your g-spot are already familiar, this toy will bring you even closer together. The Ella's elegant and supremely functional design is the very last word in g-spot stimulation. There is none better.

Ella is really well designed, classic and demure in looks. Besides just looking really good, she is an amazing G-spot pleasing dildo. Not too big or fancy, and very affordable. Lelo also packages all their toys in such a beautiful way that is low-key, but also embraces self-pleasure, and is very up front about the use of the toy at the same time. Ella is a perfect for stimulating your G-spot, I found her to be easy to use and super effective. Overall? Fabulous.

This toy is great for when you just want some good old dildo play without the hassle of difficult cleaning. Ella focuses all of the power on your G-spot. I use it with a drop of lube and the rest takes care of itself. The material is smooth and silky but has great hand grip and amazing drag that is guarenteed to have you coming back for more.

Ella is a silicone dildo designed for g-spot stimulation, and works very well at what she was designed for. She features both a flat wide end and a tapered end for different types of stimulation. Her size is great for both beginners and advanced users.

Finally, the Ella is in my hands and what a pleasure she is to have. Ella is THE g-spot toy every lady should have in her arsenal. It can help you find the g-spot. It stimulates the g-spot very easily without cramping your hands, and it can be a little trainer on how to squirt. But thats not all, you can even do your kegel exercises with the Ella. She's an all in one package deal and she's guaranteed to last. What more can you ask for?

The Lelo Ella is a wonderful silicone dildo with a velvety texture. Two ends can be used to stimulate with different sensations. Use one end for g-spot stimulation and the other for general thrusting. Weighing in at just 0.3 pounds it's perfect for travel or those who want a light, non-threatening dildo.

Sterilizable, the Ella is good for sharing, however it's painfully pointy on one end, and lacking ribs on the other. I got nothing but frustration from her.

The Lelo Ella is am AMAZING g-spot dildo. It's a great size, very discreet, and waterproof, which is always a plus. This toy is great all types of users, beginners and advanced. I believe every woman should have one in their toy collection.

Wow. I am literally speechless. At first I was hesitant to try this toy because it doesn't come with batteries. I am glad I decided to step out of the box on this one. All these 5 star reviews are true; from being aesthetically pleasing, gorgeous to look at, and everything in between, this toy blew my mind. Again and again and again. It is an excellent choice for the price, and the flat spot is great for clitoral and g-spot stimulation. I knowingly squirted for the first time (x5).

Ella is seven inches of quality silicone with two different heads. One is flat for g-spot stimulation, while the other bulges beautifully, then tapers again at the point of insertion. She's flexible, but harder than most silicone toys I own. She's easy to use and non-threatening in appearance. And she's not overly expensive, which is always the clincher for me.

This dildo is shaped so that the G spot is pretty difficult to miss and the firmness of the silicone allows necessary pressure to be applied. The sensations on the G- spot are intense and it certainly can help to pillage the spoils of it. It works very nicely in a session with other toys, but as a one stop toy I didn’t find it to provide many different kinds of good sensations.

A great G-spot dildo that actually does what it says it will do. It has a really great price for such a luxury item, and I absolutely love owning the Ella. I feel almost like a princess for owning it, and it even lives up to its "royal duties".

I cannot tell a lie- Ella is a well crafted high quality dildo, suitable for both beginners and advanced users. As a double-ended dildo, Ella provides a variety of pleasurable sensations, and finds the g-spot with ease! Her unassuming size and non-phallic appearance makes her a perfect travel companion.

A fabulous toy - will have you screaming in pleasure during the wee hours of the morning and will definitely give you a good several hours of sleep. Don't miss out on the Ella!

If you're looking for a quality toy but don't want to spend too much money on something you might not like, Ella is a great choice. She is affordable, and I'm pretty sure she knows how to satisfy most customers. But admittedly, everyone is different.

A fantastic little toy built for a woman body. It was constructed with intimate knowledge of the ways a vagina curves and hits all kinds of lovely spots. An excellent, elegant, sex-positive toy for women everywhere. It catches lint easily, however.

This simple little silicone dildo actually lives up to all the hype. Easy to use, very effective at providing firm g-spot stimulation, and my fave everyday toy - Ella is worth checking out.

Ella is an excellent choice for any woman who has been trying to find her G-spot. The material is smooth, firm and comfortable to use and the design is nearly perfect for stimulation. You will definitely get your money's worth.

The Ella is a quality dual-ended dildo that's sure to have at least one aspect that everyone can love. The silicone it's manufactured from makes this toy firm but flexible, the perfect consistency for stimulating the G-spot without any chance of bruising.

A deceptively simple toy sure to become a favorite to use alone or with a partner. If you want to find your g spot, Ella is your new best friend.

Ella is definitely a great dildo, but falls short on her g-spot end. However, if you're looking for a great all-around dildo, give Ella a try! For her price and quality, she really can't be beat.

The Ella is exactly what folks have come to expect from LELO; a quality dildo crafted from velvety smooth silicone. Its design is fluid and curvy, its uses varied, its heads perform exactly as intended. The Ella finds and strokes the g-spot with amazing ease, making it an excellent toy for those who may struggle to find theirs.

The Lelo Ella is a beautiful, classy, and multifunctional toy. Whether you're looking for the best g-spot toy ever, or a thruster, this toy will become an instant favorite! The Ella will become your go-to toy and, I'm sure like me, you and Ella will also have a wonderful long-lasting relationship.

Ella is simplistically beautiful, a work of art. It's made of solid silicone, it's firm yet flexible. It's easy to hold on to, easy to thrust, and knows exactly where the G-spot is.

The Ella from Lelo is an elegantly designed and functional double ended g-spot dildo. She’s made from solid silicone, so she’s flexible yet firm making her not only comfortable to use but highly stimulating to your g-spot as well. Not only would she make an excellent choice for a first time g-spot dildo buyer, but she’s a great choice for seasoned pros as well because she’s built to please!

Ella doesn't look like much, lacking vibrations and fancy dials, but she's a diamond in the rough. She's sleek, smooth, double-ended and perfectly curved. My only qualm is that Ella is a dust collector.

One of the best purchases your money can buy. You won't need to lay out that clit vibrator, that G spot toy, that anal toy and that massager. The Ella will replace it all.

The Ella is a lovely dual sided dildo from Lelo. She’s easy to hold, comfortable to use, and sterilizable. She’s a good choice whether you’re looking for a g-spot dildo, or just a well-crafted silicone dildo to add to your toy collection.

If you love yourself or your partner, you've got to own an Ella of your own. Besides being wonderful, she is extremely affordable, and ridiculous to say no to. I personally can't imagine going on with life without her. She is seriously that perfect!

This is a really great dildo for g-spot stimulation. It's 100 percent silicone and designed with a woman's body in mind. A great toy at a great price!

The Ella is a great choice for women who want quality and discretion. A silicone design that is beautiful and pleasurable is topped off with classy packaging. There are no bells, whistles, or vibrating parts, but it does all it is intended to do, and very well!

This toy offers a very affordable way to experience an innovative, luxury silicone sex toy from a top toy brand.

The sweetest upturned nose

If you have any interest in becoming a squirter, this is the product for you. Its perfectly designed to give you targeted, strong g-spot stimulation.

Sleek, smooth, and feminine Ella delivers what a lot of dildos don't: the versatility of two different penetration experiences. One end is a perfectly curved g-spot dildo with a flat head, the other is a regular smooth round dildo, wonderful for thrusting.

This is an amazing dildo that I look forward to pairing with my favorite clitoral vibrators. It's so nice to find a toy that fits so perfectly inside me, and that stimulates me everywhere I want--I carry it in my purse! What more do I need to say?

A double headed dildo with specialized functions, Ella will serve you best as a solo toy. Her two heads allow, on the wider side, g-spot stimulation as well as, on the longer, more narrow side, the pleasures of a traditional phallic shape. Her negligible weight makes her easy to hold and her well placed curves make it easy to stimulate the hard to reach g-spot.

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