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Diamond in the Rough

Ella doesn't look like much, lacking vibrations and fancy dials, but she's a diamond in the rough. She's sleek, smooth, double-ended and perfectly curved. My only qualm is that Ella is a dust collector.
Velvety soft, flexible, great curves, waterproof, double-ended.
Collects dust.
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I'll be honest, in the beginning, I didn't want Ella. She looked beautiful, sleek, and well-designed... but boring. I was dead-set on buying LELO's Gigi. I wanted the vibration combined with g-spot.

I was ready to pay that hundred-some dollars for Gigi. Then, I stumbled upon a sex toy review by Epiphora. In her review she said that "vibration isn't everything". Shocker! But I listened to this tidbit of advice, and looked into the odd-ball of the LELO family; Ella.

She's the only dildo (double-ended dildo) made by LELO. She's sleek, velvety soft, and beautifully designed. She's made of 100% silicone, is Phthalate-Free, flexible (but not too much so), and she's waterproof (unlike Gigi)! She is 195x50x30mm and weighs 111 grams. Plus, she comes in a lovely shade of black or white. I purchased the white!

Anyway, how does Ella hold up in action? Well... my first experience was awful. Allow me to explain: When I purchased Ella, I'd forgotten to buy lube... so I opted to use water and saliva for easy penetration. NOT A GOOD IDEA!! I was in pain for the next 24 hours after using her. Luckily I don't judge by first meetings, so I vowed to try her again.

For my second experience I acquired a water-based lube (Do NOT use silicone-based lube, it'll ruin her finish). This second time was amazing! By herself Ella is a great toy, but I'm a gal who needs clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm; so I combined Ella with my beautiful Mia (product of LELO). In Ella's user manual, it's recommended that you use LELO's Lily, Nea, or Yva, in combination with the Ella but any clitoral vibrator works just fine. The vibrations trace themselves through Ella, and sometimes you can feel them while she's inside you.

Her G-spot end is perfectly designed. It hits the spot ‘spot-on’, and it feels purr-fect when you can feel vibrations from the clitoral vibrator. The straight end of Ella is thickest, and it feels great inside your cunt (especially when you 'squeeze'), but I got more pleasure from the G-spot head.

The curve Ella has is perfectly fit for the female body, and she slides in and out with ease (if you use proper lubrication). Both ends of Ella can be used for thrusting and they both feel fantastic. Unfortunately, I have yet to ejaculate with Ella. A slight disappointment (considering Epiphora's experience), but I haven't given up hope!

How do you clean Ella? She can be sterilized in boiling water, wiped down with toy cleaner or just a bit of warm / hot water and soap will suffice. Dry her off with a lint-free cloth!

Any negatives about Ella? Yes. My one qualm about Ella is that she's a dust collector. Leave her sitting around for a day (in her box) and you've got little bits of dust clinging to her immaculate figure. But no worries! Blow across her surface and the dust will be gone.

Like all LELO products, Ella comes in a beautiful black box with a user manual, a white silk baggy and a limited 1-year Warranty courtesy of LELO.

Do not judge Ella by her lack of vibration! She's a blessing in disguise. I recommend her to everyone from newbies to advanced sex-toy users alike. You won't regret this purchase.
Follow-up commentary
Even though my experience with sex toys grows, my love for Ella remains unchanged.

Like Mia (product by LELO, which I also brag about), Ella has stayed in my top favourites. I've used her extensively over the time that I've had her ... and she's still the same as when I first bought her. Still velvety smooth, flexible yet firm, and beautiful. Her colour is still white--which is pleasantly surprising as I thought she would discolour after time went on.

I continue to recommend Ella to everyone with sex toy experience. She does not disappoint.
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  • Epiphora
    I'm so flattered!! Ella is also slightly longer than Gigi, which is why I prefer it over Gigi.

    Too bad you haven't ejaculated yet... keep trying! I have found the Ophoria Beyond No. 3 to be amazing for ejaculation as well, so perhaps try that.
  • Nashville
    Epiphora has converted so many of us over to the Ella's side, ain't it wonderful?

    Save your pennies for the Gigi because darling, you might just love that too. The Gigi is my favorite LELO toy, all their others pale in comparision.
  • Liz2
    I just love the Gigi, its so worth it! And I can usually ejaculate with it. Go for it! The Ella continues to interest me and the price is reasonable.
    Liked your review!
  • Viv
    If I could put this one on my wishlist twice, I would! Thanks for the review!
  • Naughty Student
    I love this toy, it seems every woman should have it (except I don't have it yet...), thanks for the review!
  • Snappy
    She's unbelievably good. It might help you to ejaculate if you warm up well before using Ella.
  • Lady Alexandria
    @ Epiphora:
    Thank you so much for writing the review that swayed me to purchase Ella Smile And thank you for mention Ophoria Beyond No. 3 I'll definitely look into it!!

    @ Sleeping Dreamer:
    Thanks for letting me know! I still plan on getting Gigi one of these days.

    @ Snappy:
    Thanks for the advice! I'll try that.
  • Mamastoys
    I have this one on my wish list. thanks for the review!!
  • Lithaewyn
    Ella is my most favorite toy ever!

    Any silicone toy is going to collect lint and dust, but it's worth it because silicone is awesome.
  • ZenaidaMacroura
    I really want this. Thanks for the review.
  • SexyySarah
    good review!
  • Pandahb
    Great review!
  • MissCandyland
    Thank you for the review!
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Thanks for the review!
  • MamaDivine
    Thanks for sharing!
  • r00ster
    thanks for the review
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