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The Lelo Ella is a beautiful, classy, and multifunctional toy. Whether you're looking for the best g-spot toy ever, or a thruster, this toy will become an instant favorite! The Ella will become your go-to toy and, I'm sure like me, you and Ella will also have a wonderful long-lasting relationship.
Body safe, double-ended, great for the g-spot or thrusting, elegant, sturdy, and so much more!
The pouch is a little cheap, and it collects dust.
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There are two uses for the Ella. It is made for g-spot stimulation, and can be used for thrusting. Both ends sort of come to a point for easier insertion. For the g-spot end, I've found it easier to insert sideways if you're not warmed up for it. The pleasure point - the longer, straight end, flares to about one and half inches before tapering down to the neck.

Because it can be sterilized, I suppose it could also be used anally for thrusting or p-spot stimulation, but I probably won't be trying that. Either end could bump into the cervix when thrusting it in, so be cautious if you plan on thrusting it. Please note that the g-spot kink was not made for thrusting.

Material / Texture

The Lelo Ella is one chunk of silicone. It has some subtle ridges, and barely noticeable seam going across it. One of side LELO is engraved in it. Like most silicone toys I have, it's almost sticky, but the Ella is the closest silicone toy I've had yet that is almost silky in texture. It can also collect dust.

It's hard, but the "neck" (where the pleasure point connects to the g-spot tip) is flexible. There was no smell to it, which is rare, and nice. I recommend reading up on silicone toys to see how cool they are! link

The Ella does not seem to retain heat, at least not in a hot shower. However, the manual notes that you should not leave the toy in direct sunlight, or expose it to extreme heat.

Design / Shape / Size

I love the design! Lelo has such elegant designs for all of their toys, and the Ella is especially lovely. I chose the sleek black, and the smooth surface reminds me of a sexy, fast, luxury sports car. It's not shiny, which suits my tastes as well. I also think it is discreet, since it is not a toy that looks like "the real thing". As with any toy, the best way to stay discreet is to keep it tucked away, but if the Ella was found, I'm sure there could be some explanation made up for it. ("No really, it's a shoe horn.. for.. my... boots!")

At 1.5 inches at the widest, the pleasure point on this toy may be too big for novices. However, with a few drops of lube (not silicone lube!), anyone could (and SHOULD) use the Ella. Being fully silicone, I believe this toy could be taken along as a travel toy. If anything, the shoe horn excuse could be used if TSA insists on inspecting it!


The versatility of the Lelo Ella really makes this toy the wonder that it is. It can be used for giving some serious attention to the g-spot, or turned around and used as a good ol' thrusting dildo. In the manual, it is mentioned that "the G-spot is both easier to find, and more sensitive when you are already sexually aroused". So, I would recommend you warm up a little before slipping in the Ella.

Care and Maintenance

I've said this before, but silicone toys are awesome. Pure silicone toys, like the Ella, can be tossed into the dishwasher (top rack), boiled, or bleached. As usual, I do not plan on (EVER!) sharing the Ella, so I normally wash it with antibacterial soap.

With silicone toys, it is recommended you do NOT use silicone lube. I recently found out that using silicone lube with silicone toys can leave the toy permanently tacky and sticky. The manual for the Ella (written in six different languages) also advises against this, or at least spot testing lube on a little part. I would advise you just use water-based lube with it.

The Ella comes with two storage alternatives: the box it comes in, or a silky pouch. The box, as stated below, is very discreet, and could probably be left lying around, as long as no one goes snooping into your boxes. Or, you can take it with you in the handy travel pouch. Personally, I found the pouch to be a little cheap - every time I remove the Ella from the pouch, it comes with fibers from the fabric. I will probably be looking for or making a new pouch for it.


Wonderful, simply wonderful! This Lelo toy comes in a classy, subtle, black box. On the side and the back it does show an outline and picture of the toy, respectively, but can it is subtle enough that it would take some guesswork to figure out what is inside. In the box is another, textured, black box that opens to reveal the Ella. This box would be very discreet to keep the toy in, as it only has "LELO" written on top. A plastic cover is on top of the toy, and the Ella sits in a black, plastic holder. Under is all is the pouch, manual, and 1 year warranty.

With such an elegant, yet subtle presentation, the Lelo Ella would make for a beautiful gift.

Personal comments

The Ella is a wonderful, amazing toy. Though, to be honest, it did make me start craving for the Gigi from Lelo as well. As explained in the Experience section, I did find myself wanting a little extra stimulation and for solo play, that means a vibrator.

However, please do not take this as the Ella not being worth it! Everyone should get an Ella! This toy is a must-have for every toy box, and really did become an instant favorite.


I first tried this toy sitting in the tub, and that's probably where it will be used the most. In my quest to learn how to squirt, I'm sure the Ella is going to take most of the credit if I ever do squirt. I did find myself switching ends and using the long end, aka the pleasure point, for a little thrusting in between the intense g-spot stimulation.
Follow-up commentary
The Ella is still a great G-spot toy, and a regular dildo (on the long and straight end, of course). After getting the vibrating version of Lelos' G-spot toys, the Ella got bumped down on my favorites list, but you can't beat the smooth feel, or the stabilizability. The Ella is actually currently with a friend, after we had a boil Valynns' toys event :)
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  • ......
    Great review! Glad you like it. You'll love the Gigi as well once you get that.
  • Oggins
    I'm so glad to see that you liked Ella as much as I do! Nice review too! Winking
  • ~LaUr3n~
    This is a good review. I love the beautiful shape.
  • Valyn
    Thank you all! @newme21, I really do want to get a Gigi, but I promised my bf I'd stop buying stuff till after my birthday!
  • Alan & Michele
    I'm totally jealous! This thing has been on my wishlist for weeks, but Alan placed our order on EdenFantasys this month and he didn't get it (grumble grumble). Can somebody pinch him for me? LOL
  • Valyn
    Aww! Just tell him it's so well priced! You can't Not get it!
  • Alan & Michele
    I know I can't believe how inexpensive it is. I think I'm going to print off a bunch of pictures of it and stick them different places he'll find them... in his shirt pocket, his lunchbox, his car console, etc... he should get the hint then!
  • Sammi
    Glad to hear this worked for you!
  • Valyn
    Lol Michele! Good idea! Big smile

    Thanks Sammi!
  • spicywife
    I was surprised by the inexpensive price too. It looks so elegant. Nice review!
  • Nashville
    I know it is usually wise not to use silicone lube with silicone products but one manufacturer of silicone toys (Tantus) actually recommends a silicone lubricant (Pjur Bodyglide) with their silicone toys because they're both 100% pure. Spot testing is always wise but silicone lube can be used with silicone products, you just have to go the extra mile and choose a pure silicone lubricant and give it a little test.
  • Kayla
    Great job with the review. It makes me want one really badly (as if I already didn't.)
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    Thank you for the review!
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