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Not So Enchanted Ella

Ella didn't live up to the hype for me. I guess I should have expected it, what with my annoyingly picky G spot and all. I figured I could at least add it in as a nicely shaped dildo, but the shape just wasn't special enough that I see myself grabbing for Ella very much. Oddly enough, I really love Gigi's shape. Apparently, there are a few slight differences that make a big impact for me.
Soft and high quality silicone, Nice curve, Reasonable price, Beautiful packaging
May not hit all G spots, Pointy end is uncomfortable, Has some flex to it
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While it's made by Lelo, Ella is a moderately priced G spot dildo. It still retains Lelo's high standards in design and material quality, so those looking to own a piece of luxury can find it with Ella. Ella is double ended, meaning you can insert either side of it. The curved end will work best for G spot stimulation while the other end is more traditional in shape.

Ella is intended for vaginal use. It should not be inserted anally as it does not have a flared base. While it is not made of metal or glass, it is a firm toy and care should be taken when using with a partner to avoid potential injury.

Ella is good for partner or solo play. It's probably best to test this out on your own first due to the firm silicone material to get a feel for how far you can go with it as well as what spots to hit. This way you can guide your partner on the best way you use it for maximum pleasure as well as injury avoidance. It is not harness compatible.

Material / Texture

Ella is made of Lelo's premium silicone. Silicone rates a ten on the safety scale due to it's non-porous nature. Lelo silicone is wrapped tightly around the firm body of Ella. It is velvety soft to the touch. There is no drag to it. The hand glides easily across the surface without hopping or skipping. There is no plush or give to the silicone. Lelo is a luxury brand and it shows in the quality of the silicone on Ella.

There is a very light visual seam on Ella, but it took me a while to be able to make it out. I cannot feel it with my hand so even the seam sensitive will likely not notice it.

Ella has a smooth surface. There is no texture to the material. Those that prefer a lot of texture will not be satisfied with this material but those that prefer a soft, smooth quality will quickly fall for the extreme smoothness of Ella.

The material is very firm. It is not completely rigid, however. I can bend Ella slightly. It take a lot of effort to do so and Ella will quickly go back to its original position. This does mean that those who need a totally rigid toy may not be able to use Ella.

There is a silicone odor to Ella that is somewhat sweeter than other silicone that I have smelled. There is no taste.

The texture and material will be fine for a beginner or advanced user so long as the preference is for smooth material. Those that have many luxury toys will still manage to be impressed with the high quality of Ella's silicone body.

Design / Shape / Size

Ella is a smaller to average sized toy, depending of course on what you are comparing it to. It measures 7" total length as per my measurements and the product page. The insertable length should work out to be around 5" when you leave enough room for you hands to control the toy. At the widest, the diameter is 1.25". The diameter at the smaller point is .75". The head is 1 5/8".

Here you can see Ella in my hand for size reference:

Ella is a good size for me. I tend to like smaller diameters, usually 1"-1.5". Length isn't too big of a concern for me because I'll just insert up to the point I'm comfortable with. Ella's size will work best for beginners or those that prefer a smaller size. The length will be enough to hit G spots that are close or further back. If your G spot is very far back, there is a chance Ella may not work. Just keep in mind what the insertable length of this is when purchasing.

Ella is famous for it's G spotting abilities. The G spotting side has a curve that allows it to better hit this spot.

My G spot is very picky and only responds to extreme curves. I guess I was hoping Ella would be an exception since so many people herald it as a G spot wonder, but alas that was not the case for me. Ella just wasn't curved enough. About 50% of the time I used it I could get some pressure on my G spot, but never enough to actually get a G spot orgasm. The other 50% of the time Ella had me wondering if my G spot had gone on vacation for the day or something.

The shape of Ella was nice, but just not nice enough for me to really fall in love with it or think there was anything that made it stand out. I like curved shapes and forgive them for not hitting my G spot. The curve of Ella just wasn't anything fantastic for me, G spot aside.

The odd thing is that I really love the shape of Gigi. I thought that the two were the same aside from the vibrating component and figured it would be nice to have Ella in addition to Gigi for when I didn't feel like having the vibrations. When Ella didn't work as well as Gigi, I decided to compare the two. It turns out that Gigi actually has a wider head than Ella. It's also completely rigid as opposed to Ella who does have some give. While Ella works a little better for my G spot, Gigi feels better overall.

The pointed end of Ella just feels awkward for me. I tried it once and it was plain uncomfortable. I could feel the point to it. Not particularly pleasant. It serves much better as a handle for me.


Well, I always end up going over the performance bits as I go, so I've covered a lot of this already. Ella doesn't really work well for me. The curve isn't great enough to work for my G spot. The design isn't special enough to earn a place in my "nicely shaped G spot toys that don't hit my G spot" lineup either.

Now, just because Ella doesn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for you. A quick glance at all the four and five star reviews will tell you how popular Ella is. In fact, my gut feeling is that Ella will work for most people. The curve is more pronounced on Ella than many toys, which is evidenced in the fact that I can get pressure on my G spot at all (if only half the time). Generally, I tend to think that if I can get pressure on my G spot that 9/10 people will be able to get an actual G spot orgasm from said toy. So I'm guessing with Ella the odds are maybe 7/10 or 6/10 or something like that. Not perfect, but pretty good.

The nice thing about Ella is that it's very beginner friendly. The price is right and it's not intimidating in size or shape. If you're looking for a place to start finding your G spot, Ella seems like a good bet.

Care and Maintenance

Ella is very easy to care for. You can wash it with soap and water or toy cleaner. You can also boil it for no more than three minutes to fully sanitize it. Ella is also dishwasher safe.

Only water based lubes should be used with Ella. Silicone lubes can damage silicone toys.

Ella comes with a storage pouch as well as very nice packaging. Either of these options are good for storage. If neither one appeals to you, any pouch or baggie will do.


Lelo never disappoints with their packaging. Even though Ella is one of their lower priced offerings, Lelo still packages it with the same beautiful wrapping as their $100+ items. The outer box has "Lelo" on the front. The back has a picture of Ella and some information about the toy. When this is opened, a plain black box with simply "Lelo" is revealed. While the first package is not discreet due to the photos, the inner box is totally discreet as it has no words or pictures other than the brand name. Ella is then placed inside on a plastic tray with all its accessories below it.

Ella comes with a pouch, an instruction manual, and a guide to the Lelo warranty. The original packaging can be used as storage as well, but the pouch is a nice addition for those that don't have enough space for the whole box. The package is also nice enough to be given as a gift.

Personal comments

Even though my personal experience with Ella is pretty much "meh," I would still recommend it to others that don't have a picky G spot. The silicone is truly lovely and the curve is one of the more pronounced ones which means more people are likely to be able to hit their G spot with this than with other toys. I would really recommend this to someone just starting out on a G spot quest, since it's a high quality toy that will lead the way to finding the G spot.

There are people this won't work for. If you need a lot of curve (like me), Ella may not curve enough. If you need something that doesn't bend even a little bit, Ella might flex a bit too much. On the opposite end, if you need a lot of flexibility, Ella may be too firm and thus somewhat painful.


I didn't really expect Ella to work for my G spot. Well, maybe I did just a little because everyone raves about it and I was kinda hoping it might. My real goal was to have a secondary toy to use that would be similar to Gigi's shape since I like the curve of that one as one of my "G Spot Toys That Feel Nice In General" toys. I'm not sure if it's the more narrow head of Ella or the extra flexibility, but Ella doesn't do it for me like Gigi does. Even if I turn Gigi off, it feels better than Ella does.

It's not that Ella is bad. I like Ella. It's just not anything spectacular either. I guess I just expected something amazing and got something pretty average instead. Maybe if I had lower expectations I would have been happier with this.

I'm going with three stars on this because I guess I feel like that's what fits. Neither awful nor great - that's Ella to me.
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