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Poor Ella- She Was Unable to Beat My Fella.

Ella is beautiful, but she can take time to master. She may not be the right fit for every person, but I do believe with time and patience she can be enjoyable.
Sleek Design
Smooth Body
No Batteries
Can rub the pelvic bone.
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The Ella has two ends. One end is slightly bulbous, which allows for Ella to reach the g-spot with an astonishing accuracy. The other end is wider in width, but no curve to allow for straight penetration. This toy, I believe, would be best suited for solo play and also for someone who is still trying to find the right angel for g-spot stimulation. Ella is not flared at any end so it is not recommended to use her anally.

Material / Texture

Ella is made out of a latex free, non-porous, hypo-allergenic, silicone material. You will not believe how smooth she is. As with other reviews on the Ella, I found it hard to stop stroking her once I removed all her packaging. She is so smooth that very little lube is needed, if any, to use her. I tried to smell her, but all I could smell was the box which did not hold Ella for very long. Even though it is very soft, there is little to no, plushy feel. This is a pretty firm lady with only a tiny flex at the curved end.

Design / Shape / Size

Ella has a length of 7" with an insertable length of 5". She is only 4" at her widest point; so not a very large circumference. She does have a little bit of weight to her at 0.3 lbs. I found her weighted body to be very interesting. I loved that she felt as impressive as her reputation. She was not so large that she intimidated me. This toy is not realistic looking which is why I believe she could go anywhere with you and no one would know. No batteries to deal with so she would be a lovely addition to travel with.
    • Discreet look/design


The best thing about this toy is that you have two sides to choose from. If one side is not working for you, you can go to the other and try a completely different toy. What I personally did not like about it is the sharp curve on the one end. Ella is designed with this curve to make her a g-spot goddess, but I found this curve to get stuck on my pelvic bone. This caused a larger than expected sore spot for a few days. This is a toy with a learning curve, so taking your time is my best advice.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is extremely easy to take care of. There are no openings in the toy so it is waterproof. It can be put into the dishwasher or you can boil it. You can even use bleach on this toy to make sure it is super clean. Ella comes with a wonderful little black bag to store her in so she can stay in pristine condition all the time.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


I could not believe how beautiful and elaborate Ella's packaging was. First, she came in this beautiful white box that just looked angelically beautiful, then you open her and everything inside is black. It made me think of the black box my engagement ring came in. Not only is the inside all black, but the next box is black. You pull that black box out and open the lid to find a beautiful white Ella sitting snug in her perfect little nook. She is covered on top with a blanket of see through plastic. Under her is a beautiful little black bag with storage and three booklets. One booklet is on Ella herself and some pretty good instructions on how she will be able to help in your quest of a magical night. The next book is your 1 year warranty information. The final booklet is on your 10 year warranty. Not many toys I know of that have warranties this long. I promise her packaging is every bit as regal looking as Ella is herself.
    • Good for storage

Personal comments

I wanted to note that this review has been very difficult for me. Ella and I had some strong words towards each other at the beginning, but we are learning how to make peace and work together to find a balance. This is after many hours of effort from both of us. I first tried to use her with my husband, no lube, and penetration straight off. This was a plan that was doomed to fail from the get go. So, after making a beautiful toy turn into a torture device, I put her away, way away. After a week and a large amount of research, I brought her out again. This time I brought along my Pjur lube, Hitachi and a large amount of patience. This time around I was able to enjoy the experience of Ella, but more so for the foreplay and not so much for the fireworks.


I want to point out that my experience is just that, my experience. I have read review after review on how well she works for other people. We are still working on our relationship, but I do believe we are getting closer to the happily ever after. Each new date brings forth more favorable experiences. I have learned to be very patient with Ella and let her do some of the work. I have also found that she is a better friend during solo play. I found laying on my side made her very uncomfortable, but laying on my back or belly made my toes curl. It also helped to use her in a rocking technique to just hit the right spot.
Follow-up commentary
We really have tried to become friends, but I still find her to be a cruel lover. One moment she will entice me to enjoy her beautiful curve, and then just as the date is getting enjoyable she will turn the tables on me. Now, after a few months, I can say we just were not able to find a happy ground. I will keep her in her secret little box for the day we try our dance again, but for now she is just not the one for me.
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    Thanks for a great review that balances the others....which makes it seem like this toy is the be all and end all of sex toys.
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    Thank you everyone for reading my review. I really do hope it will help others out. This is one toy that did not make it my maybe later box. Too bad because it was very pretty.
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    Thanks for the review. The whole catching on the pelvic bone thing really worries me about this toy!
  • SamsDelight
    Cherrylane. I can tell you I tried on my knees,side,back and even with the Liberator and could not find a truly comfortable spot. Now I have heard others have no issues but for me it caused pain unless I went really slowly and with a lot of lube and on my side was the best position for me to be in while using her.
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    Great review!
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    Awesome review! Thanks for sharing!
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    It is still nice to know us "fellas" are good to have around.
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  • Sincerely yours, N
    Thank you very much for the review! I came across your post while researching the Ella. I really appreciate your review, though negative, because it prepares me for what I might have to deal with when I get an Ella. If she and I don't work, at least I'll know that I am not alone. Thanks for being descriptive and constructive!
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