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The sweetest upturned nose

If you have any interest in becoming a squirter, this is the product for you. Its perfectly designed to give you targeted, strong g-spot stimulation.
insane effectiveness, quality material and construction.
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Ella is like the experienced lover that knows exactly what to do. And not just an expert lover, but one who knows how to make you squirt.

I've tried a few inexpensive g spot vibrators before without success, but with Ella, stimulation was much easier and more intense. Using Ella required no experimentation. It immediately zeroed in on my g-spot like a laser guided missile, even though I was new at g-spot stimulation when I first used it. A leaned-back sitting position with my legs curled up next to my body is the most effective position for me. It honestly felt like I instantly fell into exactly the right rhythm for optimum stimulation.

I have not tried her straight end. If I'm going to use a straight dildo, I need something bigger than that. I bought Ella solely for the g-spot end. But the straight end makes an excellent handle, with ridges that provide constant assurance that the g-spot end is straight up.

This toy even comes with a manual and a one year warranty. The instructions caution against using silicone lube with it since its a silicone toy. Its nice that its made from a safe, quality material. I find that Ella is small enough that I usually don't need to use any lube at all.

Ella arrived with an outer box containing a quality black box with a molded insert in which Ella can be stored. Also included is a satin pouch, which is what I use. The molded insert in my box had a large crack in it, even though the box containing it looked undamaged.

Ella is a bit of a lint and fiber magnet, almost like rubber toys. I always rinse her off before use. After use, she cleans easily with soap and water. And Ella has almost no scent.
During my initial use I squirted for the first time in my life.

But how could I be sure that I didn't just push a little pee out? It didn't smell like pee, but a small amount of pee doesn't smell like pee either. And I can tell you that I don't have enough control to stop the flow once I start peeing. But doubts lingered in my mind about this.

I will say though that each time I express liquid it happens after a warm fantastic sensation washes over me, always accompanied by a the feeling that I'm about to pee. This is not nearly as intense a sensation as a clitoral orgasm, like I've heard it's supposed to be - but a wonderful sensation nonetheless. Its a sensation that I now crave.

The second time with Ella, I made sure my bladder was completely empty. After an hour of trying, there was no squirting. It was an enjoyable hour however and it took less than a minute of follow up with the Magic Wand to finish.

In subsequent sessions, I've noticed that the volume of liquid expressed marches in lockstep with the volume of water in my bladder. But the intensity of sensation is also stronger when my bladder is full. Non-empty bladders, by the way, are known to increase sexual sensation.

To end all doubt, I collected the liquid. It looks like non-fat milk! There is no doubt!

I'm still amazed that, at age 50, I've become a squirter. And its becoming easier each time. With the volume of liquid I express after only a few minutes of use, I expect to single-handedly end the water shortage in California once I do have a full g-spot orgasm.
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  • Naughty Student
    I have read a bit about squirting on scientific websites on the internet and found out that some pee may be expelled at the same time as you squirt. Also the liquid formed during arousal goes into the bladder where it then comes out through the urethral opening. And, I also read you have to have drank water to make sure you are well hydrated in order to be able to squirt. I found that if I haven't drinken tea, water, etc, I can't squirt or I have trouble to. Good luck and nice review!
  • Backseat Boohoo
    I want this dildo so much, it hurts! Thanks for the review. Smile
  • Backseat Boohoo
    I want this dildo so much, it hurts! Thanks for the review. Smile
  • Epiphora
  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    It's never to late to become a squirter! Congrats!!! It does get easier to do it every time you do it. Eventually you will likely be able to squirt without g-spot stimulation. I know... it seems far fetched, but it's true.

    Nice review. I really want one of these.
  • Tuesday
    Squirting without g-spot stimulation? I think I have a new goal!
  • Victoria
    Maybe this should be filed under 'juicers'...thank you for sharing your experiences so vividly and for your suggestions. Your review is so helpful!
  • SatisfiedWife
    I'm late to the party on this review, but it was just what I was looking for - a beginner's squirting experience. I want to do this so badly, and I haven't yet found the right toy to make it happen. Sounds like the Ella is the obvious choice. Thanks for a great review!
  • MissCandyland
    Thank you for the review!
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Thanks for the review, and great video!
  • roskat
    I have to get this toy, it looks great on the video.
  • karenm
    Great review, thanks!
  • jackie.jfky
    Thanks! Congrats on squirting!
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