Eroscillator 2 plus - oscillating massager by Advanced response corp. - review by Snowsparkle

Eroscillator 2 plus

Oscillating massager by Advanced response corp.

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Look no further for clitoral stimulation.

Perfect for the woman who wants or needs extended clitoral stimulation. The corded design makes it reliable, and the oscillation doesn't cause numbness.
Electric; three power settings, from soft to intense. Doesn't cause numbness with extended use.
Wand-style toy is larger than many other types of external-use vibrators.
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Although the Eroscillator is somewhat expensive compared to many other vibrators, it's worth every penny to me. I'm a woman who requires extended clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm, and while I've tried several types of vibrators, the Eroscillator has been the most reliable and most pleasurable of them all.

I've had the Eroscillator for almost a year, and since I bought it I've literally thrown away my other vibrators (the total value of which was more than I spent on the Eroscillator) as I no longer wanted to use them.

My favorite aspect of the Eroscillator is that it's electric, but it has three settings that range from soft to intense, unlike some electric vibrators that only provide very strong vibration (like the "Wahl Coil" massager-style vibrator). Because it's electric you don't have to worry about the battery running down at the wrong moment. While I always wanted to avoid corded devices in the past, for someone like me who will sometimes want to use a vibrator for as long as 40 minutes at a time, a corded electric vibrator is a much better choice than a battery-operated or rechargeable vibrator. The provided cord is also very long; I've never had a problem with it not reaching where I'd like, and have not needed to employ an extension cord.

The Eroscillator 2 Plus comes with three heads. While the main handle of the toy is hard plastic, the heads are made of a slightly softer material. I'd emphasize "slightly softer," because while it feels a bit soft on the fingers it's firm enough that it still feels like plastic on the genital area. I can understand this material choice, though, because softer materials would make the vibrations less intense.

The design of the heads is probably my least favorite aspect of the Eroscillator, as I almost always prefer sex toys that are completely smooth rather than ones with ripples or bumps. Those who enjoy texture on their sex toys will probably have a different opinion. In the case of the Eroscillator's heads, the shapes are supposed to cause different sensations, but I find the bumpy "Grapes and Cockscomb" head irritating and I don't use it at all. The two other heads have one convex and one concave side, but I much prefer just using the smoother convex side of either head on my clitoris; if I inadvertently turn the toy, I find that the concave side doesn't seem to direct the stimulation properly. I would have liked a head that was just a completely smooth, round shape.

Although the heads are textured, they're still easy to clean. I just remove them and wash them with a sex toy spray cleaner and water. The entire wand portion can also be cleaned under running water when the cord is removed, but usually I have found that only the head needs to be cleaned as that's the only portion that touches my genital area.

The wand portion of the Eroscillator is fairly large as compared to some types of vibrators that are designed solely for clitoral use. It's not unwieldy enough to bother me during use, however. I figure that like many electronic devices, the fact that it doesn't feel flimsy is probably a good indicator of better quality than some of the other vibrators I've had.

I've been impressed that the Eroscillator doesn't seem to overheat even during prolonged use like some vibrators I've tried. That also suggests a better quality product.
When using the Eroscillator, I will place some water-based lubricant on the head I've chosen and start out on the lowest of the three settings. As I grow more aroused I'll increase the power. While I have usually preferred the most powerful setting on battery-operated vibrators, the second setting on the Eroscillator is often sufficient for me, and while I often enjoy the third setting it can occasionally feel too powerful to me.

I often like to use a dildo and/or anal plug while using the Eroscillator. Because the head of the Eroscillator is fairly small, it doesn't get in the way of other toys. I use water-based lubricant with all of my toys since some of them are made of silicone.

I always use lubricant with the Eroscillator. While I've had a couple very smooth vibrators that I could use with little or no lube, I find that using the Eroscillator without lube will cause some minor irritation to the skin around my clitoris.

While I most often use sex toys solo, I've also enjoyed using the Eroscillator during sex with my partner. The device as a whole is somewhat larger and more unwieldy than other vibrators I've used during sex, and the cord can occasionally be annoying when changing positions during sex, but since the head is small it can still be used in several positions. I like to use it on my clitoris while I'm on top, but I find that my favorite position for using it is doggy-style, reaching one arm up underneath my body to hold the head of the Eroscillator against my clitoris while he thrusts from behind.

The Eroscillator text mentions that it oscillates back and forth rather than just vibrating. To be honest, it feels the same as a normal vibrator to me. However, even when I use the Eroscillator for an extended period of time (30-40 minutes) my clitoris doesn't tend to get numb (or semi-painful) as it can with some other types of vibrators. The lack of numbness may be related to the oscillations, or it could also be related to the fact that the Eroscillator will slow down or even stop if you press the head too firmly against yourself. Either way, it's great for extended use.
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