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A Bedrock Birthday Surprise

This is a cute, funny parody of the 1960s The Flintstones cartoon. The movie was entertaining and well done although the women of the movie were much too vocal and there was an annoying amount of spitting.
wonderful sets, good plot and ending
Too much vocalization and spitting, Fred doesn't get any
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This parody of the old Flintstones cartoon series captures most of what was characteristic of that series. The foot-powered car, the style of Fred’s house, the bone in Pebble’s hair, plus their clothing are all included. The canned laughter is there too.

The sets were lovely and entertaining. There was good attention to detail in this movie so it would emulate the cartoon as much as possible.

The Flintstones was one of the first TV programs that showed married couples sleeping in the same bed, so its somewhat ironic that in this movie, Fred doesn’t get any action. I was quite disappointed at this. I’m sure it was due to his weight, but frankly, I’m a fan of bigger men and would have loved it if he had a sex scene.

This movie’s plot revolves around Fred’s mid-life crisis. He worries that now that he’s older and heavier that Wilma might not be as attracted to him. He also worries that she might be having an affair, although he’s not sure whether she is or if so, with who.


Wilma (Hilary Scott) and Betty (Brooke Lee Adams)
Betty reveals her fantasy to have sex with Wilma while Fred (Peter O'Toole) watches. Too bad Fred wasn't actually watching during this scene. Men jacking off while watching others have sex is so hot. Both women make too much noise for my taste. They just cannot be instantly ecstatic with every touch. Wilma sometimes keeps her hand on top of her head during much of it. It must have been difficult to keep her wig on during these scenes. The scene includes scissoring, oral, fingers in and on each other.

Barney (Anthony Rosano) and Betty (Brooke Lee Adams)
In this scene, Barney and Betty are alone and ready to take full advantage of their empty nest. Barney stays perfectly in character throughout their entire scene. Betty didn't stay in character quite as well but did give an amusing Betty laugh when Barney jokes that they'll have another Bam Bam if they're not careful. Barney's vocalizations are so natural and so hot. you can almost feel his pleasure by listening to him. Betty again emitted unrealistic and constant yelping. Barney's facial expressions were fantastic too. Betty maintained a firm grip on her own ass the whole time, making me wonder whether she was in pain. Maybe she just didn't know where to put her arm to keep it from obscuring her lovely breasts. I appreciate that she didn't block my view of them. They are natural and fantastic.

This scene lasts about a half an hour and involves multiple positions. Barney finishes on Betty's pussy. There were several instances of spitting. Betty ends the scene by confessing to Barney that she'd like to sleep with Wilma, even though she already has.

Bam Bam (Seth Gamble) and Pebbles (Hayden Winters)
Bam Bam and Pebbles decide to take advantage of the fact that their parents are watching 30 Rock together and the fact that there seems to be almost no parental supervision to enjoy each other in Pebble’s room. Bam Bam seems to have the finger technique for G-spot stimulation down. Pebbles, sadly, is as loud as her mother.

Their scene involved numerous positions, ending with Bam Bam finishing on Pebble’s face. The camera fades after a long shot of Pebble’s glazed, dazed happy face.

While they are talking in bed, Fred enters. Bam Bam hides under the covers as Fred has a chat with Pebbles about her growing up.

Fred leaves for work just as the other man enters. Oddly, even though Wilma’s explanation that he’s an old friend doesn’t seem sincere, Fred doesn't seem to mind that much.

Mr Slate (Rod Fontana) and Ms Stone (Misty Stone)
Mr Slate, his boss, berates him for being a poor employee. After Fred leaves, Mr Slate’s secretary enters and begins taking dictation. This leads slowly to sex after several hot scenes where Mr Slate fantasizes about Ms Stone. During one of these scenes, Ms Stone pours water on herself. This was the single hottest scene in the entire movie. The woman can work a water pitcher! I can see why she won female performer of the year at the AVN awards. Totally deserved.

She partially deep throats him making glugging noises as she does so. As she goes down on him she moans like she's receiving pleasure. Mr Slate’s penis reminds me of the tentacle. She continues moaning during their scene, complete with swear words. He has a little belly, but I like that, especially on an older man. She is super sexy with a fantastic ass. He finishes on her sexy behind.
Wilma and Tyler Rockman (Dale Dabone)
Fred reveals to Barney that its his birthday. He then falls asleep at work and dreams of Wilma and her guest, Tyler having sex and we are transported to their scene. It begins with Wilma and her guest in the kitchen standing on a rug, which magically has inches of padding under it once its time for the couple to use it.

There is no end of spitting in this scene. Its so unfortunate that lube wasn't invented before this scene took place. I found Wilma to be annoyingly vocal. How many times can you say “Yeah?” Wilma goes for the record in this scene. I had to turn the sound off. She needed to keep her hand on top of her head to keep her wig on in this scene also.

The ending of this movie is cute, sweet and funny. So often porn movies just fade out when the last sex scene ends. This movie spends six minutes giving you an enjoyable and satisfying end to the plot of the movie. Well done. A few extra minutes well spent.

The actor who played Barney deserves special commendation in this movie for his exact duplication of Barney Rubble’s voice and for staying in character even during his sex scene. No character seemed more like the cartoon character than Barney, although Betty was a close second.

No condoms were used in this movie.

Bonus features:
Behind the Scenes: This contains interviews with all of the actors, plus the director. We learn tidbits such as that Brooke has named her breasts Thelma and Louise and that Hayden has only been in porn for two weeks. lasts 52:15
Party version (dialogue only)
Bonus scene from a different movie
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Popshot Recap
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- trailers for numerous other XXX parodies
Web trailer
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  • ToyTimeTim
    I too was bummed that Fred did not get some. Yabba dabba doo would have been great at the climax. lol
  • Bunnycups
    I think it's awful that there isn't a sex scene with Fred because of his weight. It's prejudice. I wouldn't watch this just because of that, even if Anthony Rosano does an awesome Barney.

    Maybe Mr. Rosano should give acting lessons to the ladies in this film.
  • Bunnycups
    HAHA! Tim is too funny.
  • Jobthingy
    I was SO blown away that Anthony Rosano managed to keep that voice up the whole scene.
  • Love Buzz
    Great Review
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