Eroscillator 2 plus - clitoral stimulator by Advanced response corp. - review by Sammi

Eroscillator 2 plus

Oscillating massager by Advanced response corp.

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Get Some (Orgasms)!

The Eroscillator is truly a fantastic clitoral stimulator. The difference in how it stimulates from a regular clitoral vibrator can cause intense and quick orgasms, even for those who require a lot of clitoral action. Although it’s pricey, it’s well worth every penny.
Eroscillating motor, multiple attachments, long cord, fantastic orgasms.
Has to be plugged in, price.
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extremely useful review


The Eroscillator 2 is a clitoral stimulator. And what a stimulator! I was skeptical, after plugging it in, that it would have enough power, but I was pleasantly – make that orgasmically – surprised. The Eroscillator has to be plugged in (there’s no battery option), so you can’t take it camping unless you’ve got access to a plug in. It’s best indoors and away from water.

The best time to use the Eroscillator? Anytime you want to have a satisfying clitoral orgasm. It’s probably best to use for solo play, unless your partner really wants you to cum fast.

The Eroscillator can also be used by men by placing it under the tip of the penis.

Made in China and designed and tested in Switzerland, it comes with a 1 year guarantee.

Material / Texture

The Eroscillator is made out of plastic. The base part is hard plastic, and is covered in horizontal ridges for decoration.

The attachments provided are softer, yet firm. Three attachments, each with 2 different heads (1 per side) offer a variety of textures and shapes. Each head feels different, and you’ll soon discover which one (or ones) work the best for you.

Additional heads with different shapes and textures can be purchased separately.

Design / Shape / Size

The Eroscillator, power cord, and three attachments are all copper colored. The power adapter has a massive 12 foot cord. No complaints about being tied to the wall or having to hunt for an extension cord here!

The base of the Eroscillator has a jack hole on the bottom to plug the power cord into. The base itself is 11” long, and about 3 1/4" wide, tapering in towards the top. It is covered with ridges, and the 3 speed switch runs up the side of the base.

Each attachment is 3” long. The three attachments included are:
- Shallow cup on one side / 3 nubs on the other
- Spoon with a nub on the inside tip / spoon back with 8 nubs in the shape of an eye
- Paddle / oval with 10 large balls

The attachments snap on the head of the Eroscillator’s base. Each attachment feels different – I found the side with the 10 large balls to work best for me.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Eroscillator is, quite simply, the best clitoral stimulator I’ve ever used for solo play. Yes, even better than the Hitachi for me, although the power difference is quite pronounced.

The Eroscillator is easy to use. Simply choose an attachment and snap it on to the top of the base, aligning it with the grooves. Make sure the control slide is off by pushing it all the way to the bottom and plug the cord in. Lubrication can be added to the attachment head if desired, and then once the head is in position, the Eroscillator can be switched on.

The control slide has three positions: low, medium, and high. The high intensity won’t seem like a lot if you’ve used anything of power on your clit, but the sensation will take you over.

Even on the highest setting, the Eroscillator is fairly quiet – it’s no louder than a cell phone on vibrate. It also doesn’t overheat, even after prolonged use.

Since it plugs into your wall, the Eroscillator is always ready to go at maximum power, no matter which vibration level you choose.

What makes this so different is the engine. The engine and shaft oscillate, and the attachments connect directly to the engine shaft itself and not the base of the toy for a unique sensation of uninterrupted movement back and forth. It feels quite different than a standard vibrator. The Eroscillator provides 3600 oscillations per minute.

Care and Maintenance

The Eroscillator is made from plastic, which is non-porous and phthalates-free. The attachments can be rinsed under running water and cleaned with mild soap. The base is watertight, and can be washed under running water, but take care not to immerse it.

The Eroscillator can be stored in its box, although care should be taken to roll the cord so it doesn’t develop kinks. It can be tricky to get all the pieces back in the box since the cord doesn’t roll up easily.


The Eroscillator comes in a deep rose box, with text informing that it’s “Clinically proven to be preferred over other sensual massagers by 73% of women.” It’s also endorsed and recommended by Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

The box contains the Eroscillator sealed in plastic, which is applied for sanitary reasons, and it states that the unit can’t be returned if the seal is broken or removed. Under the fold out flap are the power cord and the three attachments, each in a sealed plastic bag.

A one page information sheet, a sheet with additional available accessories, a large foldout color brochure, and a Dr. Ruth primer on self-pleasuring are also included in the box.

Personal comments

A product endorsed by Dr. Ruth? A must have for me. I remember when she used to be on TV shows talking about sex, and I always loved how this tiny, spunky woman could be so matter-of-fact about sex at a time when talking about anything sexual just wasn’t done on TV.

This product definitely delivers the orgasms, and I'm so glad I got this!


The first day I tried this out I was home alone and baking penis cakes. I figured I’d see how it worked while the first was in the oven, not really expecting much when I turned it on since the power seemed so low. I figured I’d be pleasantly aroused in the 20 or so minutes I had while the cake was baking, but I did not expect to orgasm so quickly! It’s hard to describe the difference in the orgasm this caused as compared to a regular clitoral vibe, even a very powerful one, but the motion of the tip just did something crazy to me.

I had to try it again almost right away, thinking it was a fluke. One cake out of the oven, another in, timer set, and again it didn’t take me long at all! The morning was spent baking and eroscillating, and it was incredible. I tried each of the tips, and found I liked the one with 10 balls the best.

I introduced my partner to this after a thorough day of testing, thinking he’d love how fast it got me off since sometimes I think I take too long. He was amused by the cord, but not amused by the Eroscillator itself. It was too fast for his liking – typically he likes to draw things out more, and so our one experience with it together was enough for him. That's alright with me - I'm happy to keep this toy all to myself.
Follow-up commentary
I love, love, love this toy! This has to be the best clitoral toy I have ever used. This is strictly a solo toy though. My husband gave it one more go, and said it worked too fast to make it useful during sex. I do agree with him. While I love to use it alone, especially when I don't have a lot of time, I prefer something that takes longer when we're together. Now if only they made a rechargeable version.

I highly recommend this one - if you have a chance, get it and get some!
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  • Here 4 Her Pleasure
    I am wondering if it would it be too intense to tease my wife and build her orgasm. She enjoys being tied up and teased to orgasm. Otherwise she makes herself cum too fast. The Hitachi wand can make her clit sore when used for extended teasing.
  • Stinkytofu10
    Great review, thank you!
  • Sammi
    Here 4 Her Pleasure - I don't think it'd be too intense - if you use it on level one, and find the head that works the best. I find it easier, or quicker, to orgasm with it, though, so I don't know if it would have the level of teasing you're looking for without some breaks in between. Hope that helps!
  • Sammi
    Stinkytofu10 - thank you!
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