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Mama MiMi!

MiMi is a powerhouse clitoral vibrator that meets all the requirements for luxury perfection. She is rechargeable, waterproof, and easy to use. The only thing she does not offer is any narrowed tip or edge that can be used for more pinpoint stimulation. Because of this, I haven't been able to enjoy her as much as I want to, and am often left with tingly hands and genitals.
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How do I begin?

MiMi, Je Joue's fourth installment... I think she is the best that Je Joue has released, but that could be because I am a total sucker for powerful clitoral vibrators.

MiMi is the very first luxury clitoral vibrator I have purchased. She is best used to stimulate the clitoral region, but I found myself easily playing with her gently across my breasts, stomach, and other erogenous zones. MiMi is not created for insertion though, and with her shape, and lack of a good "handle," I wouldn't suggest trying to do so.

MiMi is marketed as the perfect first sex toy, and has gotten a lot of hype for being powerful and "amazing." Does she live up to her name? I would have been very pleased to have this as my first sex toy, but Mimi's quality requires a higher price tag. Spending over $70 on my first vibrator was not a practical option for me when I was first in the market. As I learned and continued to discover more about sex toys and about my preferences, I was more than willing to spend the money on a higher quality toy.

After exploring with Mimi, I think those new, and those more experienced with sex toys will enjoy all that she has to offer. Mimi is perfect for masturbation, and her small body lends to couple's play as well.
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Material / Texture

The MiMi comes coated in a lovely, smooth matte silicone over a hard plastic (I assume). While I do love the high safety rating, and enjoy its non-porous construction, this material is quite a lint magnet. It picks up every floating dog and cat hair, along with every little speckle of dust. While this is annoying, I have found the best method (for me) to get rid of these unwanted hairs is a quick, forceful blow onto the surface of the toy. I don't know if it's me, but when I try to wipe it off, all I do is move the damned particles over to a different area.

Anyway, because of its lint-magnetism, MiMi's material requires a cleaning before and after each use. This could be avoided by keeping her in an airtight container, of course.

The texture feels rather nice and velvety in my hands. It does provide a bit of drag when it contacts the softer skin of the genitals. I personally like the "drag," but those who want to maneuver their sex toys with ease will find a dab of lubricant will be needed (NOT silicone lubricant, either!).

As far as scent and taste goes, silicone is typically odorless and tasteless. However, when I took MiMi out of her box, I was overwhelmed with how awful everything smelled. It was most certainly the egg-crate type packaging inside of her box, but knowledge of this did not make me feel better. I had to keep the box open for the better part of a week to air it out.
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Design / Shape / Size

MiMi sports a very discreet design. She appears no more obvious than a bar of soap, and in the "Pink" shade MiMi comes in, she is subtle as well (it's not as bright as the photographs lead you to believe). MiMi is just a bit longer than 3", and tapers just slightly towards the tip. She is two inches wide, with a total circumference of 5".

Overall, she fits in the palm of my hand perfectly. If I lay her across my vulva, she adequately covers everything nicely. However, with MiMi's design, there is one thing missing for me. There is no area or indentation of any sort to give MiMi an area for pinpoint stimulation. I didn't think this was as big of a deal to me as it is. I thought, if I wanted to get a narrower portion onto my clitoris, I'd just tilt MiMi onto her side and find success that way... Unfortunately, I didn't take into account that MiMi's side is very gradually rounded and 2". This just makes it very difficult to use her this way, and it makes attempting a more focused stimulation very futile. It just isn't gonna happen with MiMi.

Despite being disappointed and frustrated with that, I have found MiMi to be smooth and not at all bulky to use during sexual intercourse with a partner. She is very smooth and does not jab into either partner.

MiMi is, as I have mentioned, very discreet looking. With her size, she is not difficult to hide out of sight. If I were to accidentally leave her thrown onto a bookshelf or the bed, I do not think anyone would be the wiser. However, if a guest were to pick her up, and figure out how to push the buttons, MiMi would be very obvious once she rumbles to life.

I do think MiMi is suitable for travel, because her buttons are not easily accidentally pressed down and activated. MiMi does not have a "lock" mode, though, so that may be a hindrance to those who want to travel with this sex toy.

Functions / Performance / Controls

MiMi is activated by two silvery buttons located at the bottom of the toy. They read "+" "-" and are pretty easy to understand. The "+" button seems more raised than the "-", which makes it easier to identify in the dark, or when you can't be bothered to look down and focus on the controls.

With a firm push onto the "+" button, MiMi will begin to rumble into life. Note that it is a FIRM press of the buttons; MiMi will not change her vibration levels unless she is absolutely certain you want her to do so. MiMi's vibrations are not located to any one specific part of her body--they are evenly dispersed throughout the toy. The benefit of this, is being able to easily feel the power of vibrations everywhere you place the toy. The downside to this, is that your hands will get numb and tingly while holding MiMi for more than two minutes.

MiMi has some nice vibration modes as well. She starts on a low, steady, rumbly vibration level. I actually found her, at first, to seem rickety. I got concerned, but after a few uses this "rickety" characteristic has waned away, and it is more of an even rumble (not sure if anyone else experienced this). When you firmly press the "+" again, you will get to the second power of steady vibrations (which is QUITE the step up, in my opinion). Following this, you will be able to reach the next three steady vibration modes by hitting the "+" again. The third power is actually the power I'd consider to reach "high," not at all surface and buzzy. The fifth power is kind of a monster, in a good way. It is ridiculously strong for a rechargeable clitoral vibrator, and still retains its "rumbly" base tones.

To be honest, when I am using this toy, I sometimes have trouble differentiating between FIVE speeds. I think this is because the firm depression of the "+" button can lead to "over-pressing" the button. This has me jumping levels at times. I don't really mind, though, I am usually in a rush to get to speeds 3, 4 and 5.

After the 5 steady vibrations, you will get to 5 patterns. I am not one for patterns, but these are rather fun and pretty moderate-to-high in vibration modes.

The first pattern is a short HIGH pulse, followed by a short pause.
The second pattern is a series of fast HIGH pulses.
The third pattern is sort of like a small rollercoaster going up 1-2-3 and then down 3-2-1.
The fourth pattern is a faster rise and fall, around level 2-3 vibrations.
The fifth pattern is an even faster, more intense rise and fall, going from levels 2-4. This one seems almost like spurts from an engine to me.

The patterns are very fun, for lack of a better word, and I enjoyed them most while holding the MiMi and rocking my body with them and against them. If you ever want to go back to a mode, or you just passed one that you really liked, just press the "-" button and it will take you back one mode.
When you are done with MiMi, just hold the "-" button for a few seconds, and she will turn off.

Now that I've talked about MiMi's powerhouse, I'd like to make note of her noise-level. MiMi is definitely not whisper quiet when you have her on a higher level, but she is not terribly loud in a distracting sense either. I have been able to completely muffle her noise with a nice comforter and blanket (on levels 1-3). And even for the higher levels, the noise under a blanket is not too loud to be heard outside of a closed door.

And when I take MiMi in the shower with me, because she is fully waterproof (!!), she cannot be heard with the water running and the door shut.

Care and Maintenance

Because her material is nonporous silicone, MiMi is very easy to wash. I usually use a baby wipe for quick clean up, but when I want to clean MiMi, I can run her under the faucet with warm water and soap. Silicone can be washed with a 10% bleach solution, but be sure you thoroughly wash off that solution before using MiMi again.

Water lubricant is suggested for playing with MiMi, though oil would probably not hurt the silicone. Be sure to spot test any lubricant before using it with MiMi. The advice I read the most is that silicone lubricants do not go with silicone toys (unfortunately). They are said to break down the matte finish and could disintegrate your beautiful MiMi.

I usually store my MiMi in her original black box packaging, which is tied shut with a beautiful black ribbon. It has a simple "Je Joue" written on the top of the box, and is very discreet. Just be sure to toss that weird smelling cardboard egg crate, or your giftbox will smell very chemically.
You could keep MiMi anywhere, as long as you do not keep her in close quarters (no sealed barrier) with another silicone toy.

I usually have MiMi in her box, with the charger nearby or attached.

MiMi is a rechargeable toy, which is very convenient and green! Instead of going through boxes of batteries, Je Joue has provided me with a color-coordinated charger. With MiMi, the charger is magnetically attached to the two button controls. I liked that the charger for MiMi is polarized, so that you cannot accidentally set it on backwards (upside down) and fail to charge your toy. I had this issue when I first tried to charge my G-Ki, and was afraid it was broken. Not so with MiMi!
When you charge MiMi, a red light located underneath the silicone, will glow and blink. After a little less than 2 hours (the first time I charged MiMi, subsequently less depending on how long I've used her), the light will glow a steady red and you will know that MiMi is ready to play.
This red light also glows while you use MiMi. It's handy for when you forget where your clitoris is in the dark... it's the thing that is glowing red with a buzzing MiMi. Well, I am sure you could find it without the light... but you know.

Personal comments

I really do like MiMi. I was very impressed with her power, and she definitely dances across your hand when she's turned on.

I really wanted to LOVE MiMi, but I unfortunately cannot fall deeply in love just yet. I have been playing around with her, and really enjoying her, but the lack of pinpoint stimulation is a surprising deal breaker for me. It takes me a little while to reach orgasm with MiMi, and when I do, I am often tingling and itching a little bit from the pressure I've had to use with her. (Luckily, pressure does not diffuse or lessen the vibration intensity.) I often finish with an uncomfortably buzzing hand as well.

I think I am just continuing to adapt to MiMi, trying many different ways to get off instead of being able to enjoy easily getting off without much effort. I guess I did not think much about pinpoint stimulation when purchasing MiMi, but now I know better.

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Follow-up commentary
I am still very much in lust with MiMi. I believe this toy has completely spoiled me in terms of vibrational quality. She makes my inexpensive bullets and vibes seem... well, to put it bluntly, cheap! And her charge life is pretty astounding. After not picking her up or charging her for two weeks, I decided to test her out again without plugging her in to recharge. I was not even expecting MiMi to turn on, but she did and I was able to have three separate sessions (approx. 20mins each) with the toy on medium-to-high levels over the next week before she conked out and died.

When I was playing with her during those three sessions "pre-recharge," I still considered her power levels to be pretty strong (4 vrooms). But after letting her recharge completely, I was absolutely blown away again. I had not realized that letting her sit so long without charging had dimmed the vibrations down a "vroom." I think is a great sign...
Overall, I am still pretty happy with MiMi though I still wish she had a bit more of a varied/dynamic shape to allow pinpoint stimulation. But if I can't have it ALL, then I will be very happy with near-perfect.
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