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Yabba Dabba Do ME!!

All in all this is a great porn. It's main focus is for straight couples or straight couples with a bi-female. It has some great sex duos and some hot girl/girl action as well. It had a great plot to it and a very happy ending. It had lots of comedy which kept you interested and entertained. Great XXX movie.
Great sex, great camera work, great backgrounds
Poor Fred never gets laid!
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Who didn't love watching The Flintstones as a child? This feature is an amazing recap on what fun they really might have had in Bedrock! It had some great comedy along with the story line which was a great addition. Great job on the props, backgrounds, and effects. Everything looked awesome. The soundtrack could have been a little better. I wasn't really a fan of any of the music that was played in the film. Great acting from most of the cast. They all really did stay in character. We really enjoyed this film.

Cast: Brooke Lee Adams, Hillary Scott, Anthony Rosano, Hayden Winters, Seth Gamble, Misty Stone, Rob Fontana, Dale Dabone

The movie starts out with Fred at work, daydreaming about his wife, Wilma (Hillary Scott), and his neighbor, Betty (Brooke Lee Adams), having hot lesbian sex. The acting is kind of corny, but hey, so is the Flintstones right? They start off kissing and fondling each other as they undress each other. Then they lead into some fierce pussy licking, fingering, and grinding. Then Fred is awakened from his daydream by Mr. Slate telling him it's quitting time! Fred goes home and finds a man in his house! He's Tyler, an old friend of Wilma's who is in town for a few days. It'd pretty obvious that Fred is rather jealous of this Tyler Rock (Dale Dabone) fellow. Being that he's slimmer, hotter, and more successful than he is, Fred see's him as a threat. He wants to know why Wilma's bringing him there and she said he's helping her with a project. Pebbles (Hayden Winters) comes in and distracts them from their conversation. Then she leaves for her date with Bam Bam (Seth Gamble).

Betty and Barney (Anthony Rosano) come over to visit. Wilma and Betty go off to the kitchen and talk about how exciting it is for Wilma to have had Tyler come over. She asks if she thinks Fred suspects anything and Wilma says no. Then it flashes to Fred and Barney outside listening by the window. Fred tells Barney that he's worried about things with Wilma. He says that he's feeling bad about getting older and over-weight. With Pebbles moving out, she won't have any distractions to keep Wilma from noticing. Barney tells him not to worry about a thing. Then he tells him about a sexcapade he and Betty had just the other day. Betty came in and surprised Barney with a new lingerie outfit and seduced him. They have some amazing sex, nothing too out of the ordinary, but still great sex. Great camera work again. After their great sex session, Betty tells Barney that she's bi-sexual and really would like to fuck Wilma. As Barney finishes his story to Fred, he sees that Fred's passed out!

Pebbles and Bam Bam get back to her house. She's trying to talk Bam Bam into coming up to her room so they can have sex. She easily talks him into it. Bam Bam is waiting in her room when she enters. They put on some music and they begin to have sex. Great camera work. They have some great sex scenes, but one thing I have to say, Pebbles needs to take a few lessons from her mom on how to suck dick. This couple is hot to watch. And WOW does Bam Bam have a cock on him?! And of course a great ending cum shot.

The next day comes. As Fred leaves for work, Tyler walks in. This seems to upset Fred. Mr. Slate even brings him in his office to ask him what's the matter with him and his performance at work. He tells him that it's his birthday and he's feeling bad about getting older and bigger. Slate tells him to focus on what's important, money. He tells him when you have money you have power and women are attracted to power and money. Fred tells him he doesn't have any of that so Slate tells him he better hold on to Wilma! As Fred leaves, Ms. Stone comes in and "services" Mr. Slate. Ms. Stone seductively pours water all over her body and then makes her way to finish her "memo". Even the old guy gets laid and Fred doesn't!! They have some great sex and great camera work in this scene as well. Even a great ending cum shot. I love how she rubs it in her skin after... "Will that be all Mr. Slate?"
Fred and Barney ride home from work together. Barney asks Fred who this guy is that's going to his house. He goofs with him telling him he should be worried, but he doesn't mean it. He reassures Fred that Wilma only has eyes for him. Fred daydreams about coming home to Wilma with all of his favorite dishes. She strips down and tells him to come take her now. As he does, Tyler Rock comes in the door and begins to fuck his wife! Wilma gives him an amazing blow job (rather long), then he gives her some amazing oral, then the two fuck like rabbits. It was hot and had some great camera work.

Fred and Barney make it home. They both are tip toeing around the house trying to see if Wilma isn't being a little too friendly with Tyler and to see if his daydream has come true. Nevertheless, he was worried for nothing. Everyone is there for a surprise birthday party for Fred. Come to find out, Tyler is Mr. Slate's personal chef and came over to make some of Fred's favorite meals. Also, he finds out that Tyler doesn't want to fuck his wife because he is gay! The film ends with a heart-warming moment between Fred and Wilma, but he still never gets laid.

The second disk includes:
Behind the Scenes footage
Party Version (which is more of the plot and not so much of the sex)
Bonus Scene featuring Brooke Lee Adams as a school girl and Mark Wood as her music teacher
Outtakes (funny to watch)
Photo Gallery
Pop Shots Recap
and trailers for more parodies by New Sensations
Follow-up commentary
We still love this film as well. I still think that the attention to detail with the backgrounds and props were amazing and really made this film high-end quality in my book. The scenes are great, with the exception of Pebbles' blow job. Every time I see that I want to jump in the screen and show her how to really handle Bam Bam's huge cock!
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  • KaraSutra
    After watching the This Ain't Avatar XXX movie I was actually completely turned off from parody porns. This review certainly changed that!

    Thank you for this review, you had me laughing quite a bit!

    (Fave line: "but one thing I have to say, Pebbles needs to take a few lessons from her mom on how to suck dick." - awesome!)
  • Joie de Cherresse
    Thank you! I love parodies and this one is a new favorite of mine! And if you watch this one, you'll see what I mean about Pebbles needing those lessons! LOL!
  • Bunnycups
    Thanks for the entertaining review.
  • leatherlover
    Thanks for the great review.
  • Joie de Cherresse
    Thanks! And you're very welcome!
  • GoogleQueen
    Good review
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    Great Review!
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    Great Review, thanks!
  • Joie de Cherresse
    Thanks y'all!!
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