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A natural choice for safe fun.

Sliquid Organics Gel is a great lube for people who are concerned about some of the more questionable ingredients found in other lubes, and are more discerning about what goes into their bodies. While, as a water-based lube, it could be longer lasting (especially for toy play), I find that this is well worth it to have a lube that is all natural and doesn't cause unpleasant reactions.
Organic, feels natural, glycerin and paraben free, did not cause any adverse reactions for me.
Could be longer lasting.
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Sliquid Organics Gel is a gel-consistency lubricant for penetrative intercourse and toy play. It can be used vaginally or anally, although I have not yet tried it for the latter purpose. I would not advise using it for male masturbation, as it probably does not have the staying power for such a purpose and one would need to use a LOT of this and/or reactivate it with water for it to work.

This lube is also ideal for use by people who are sensitive to harsher ingredients in other commercial lubes. The ingredients are as follows - provided the consumer is not allergic to any of these ingredients, none of them jump out as overly unsafe or likely to cause any adverse reactions in sensitive people:

Purified water, plant cellulose (from cotton), aloe barbadensis, natural tocopherols (vitamin E), cyamopsis (guar conditioners), extracts of hibiscus, flax, green tea and sunflower seed, citric acid (citrus fruits), phenoxyethanol (rose ether).
    • Mood enhancer
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Sliquid Organics Gel is thicker than your average water-based lube, and, in my opinion, similar in consistency to a rather thin hair gel. I have used KY Jelly in the past, and the consistency is slightly less thick. However, I also compared this product to Pink Water, and found that it was much thicker and more viscous. I appreciate that this product, while being thicker than my natural lubrication, mimics it closely enough that it was difficult to distinguish the two from one another after I applied the lube.

I have only ever used this lube for vaginal intercourse and toy play, but feel that it may be slightly thin for anal sex/toy play. I would not be opposed to using it for this purpose, and feel that it would be thick enough to work decently well. However, I am curious to know how Sassy (Sliquid’s anal lube) will fare in this department; therefore, Organics Gel may or may not see some backdoor use in the near future.

For further reference, since descriptions and words can only go so far (since “it’s thicker than ‘x’, but not as thick as ‘y’” can only tell you so much), I’ve included a couple of pictures. I chose my VixSkin Raquel as my willing test subject for a couple of pictures that follow. I took the first photo about 5 seconds after I applied a small amount of lube to the head of the toy, and the second one about 15 seconds after the lube was applied. Finally, the third one shows the lube about 30 seconds after it was put onto the toy, just before it started to drip off onto my desk. While these times are not exact, hopefully they’ll give you a better idea of the consistency of this lube.



    • Smooth
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

Given some of the ingredients listed on the label, I would have expected it to have a bit of a taste and/or “botanical” smell. However, after reading some of the other reviews here, I have to agree with the majority in saying that I’ve never noticed any discernable smell. To me, it smells like plain water, and my partner said that he did not notice anything either, which is probably more helpful given that his sense of smell is better than mine is.

Although I don’t actively try to taste lube when I use it, flavored lubes aside, I licked the glop of lube off of the head of my VixSkin Raquel (for science!). I noticed no discernable taste, which surprised me. I expected the aloe in this lube to have an unpleasant flavor, since it is relatively high in the list of ingredients, but this wasn’t the case. I wouldn’t actively eat large portions of this lube just for the hell of it, but it won’t have a bad taste should I accidentally get some in my mouth during play.
    • Light taste
    • No smell


As far as being a lube that sensitive people (especially women) can use, Sliquid Organics Gel is a clear winner. I have had a couple of yeast infections in the past that I strongly suspect were lube-related, and experienced burning sensations upon application of (non-warming!) lubes. I have no proof of this, but after reading some of the other lube reviews on Eden and doing some research online, I educated myself and concluded that glycerin and/or parabens were the most likely culprits. This particular lube is the first organic lube that I’ve tried, and I’m definitely pleased so far since I have used it several times and have yet to experience anything adverse. Even if everything else about this product was awful, I’d continue buying it for this purpose alone.

With that being said, Organics Gel works well for vaginal intercourse. My partner and I used this lube with latex condoms, first lubricated and then non-lubricated ones. Since he and I both dislike the residue/greasy feeling that lubricated condoms leave behind (and I wanted more control over what chemicals go into my body), we tried the Organics Gel as the only lube in the equation. Overall, we were both satisfied with the results.

I could not really distinguish the lube from my own natural fluids, and I don’t think that he could, either. He also liked that it didn’t have any noticeable smell. The lube could have had more staying power, but for the most part, we generally didn’t have to reapply unless we changed positions or otherwise exposed the lube to air for an extended period of time. We haven’t tried this with anal, but I may address this in a follow-up review – hopefully it will last long enough to serve this purpose adequately. After we were done, I didn’t feel the immediate need to run to the bathroom and scrub the lube off of me, which is always a good thing. I generally dislike the feeling of any sort of “grease” on me, including most hand lotions. I had no issues here.

When it comes to toy play, Organics Gel also did its job fairly well, although the staying power was a little more lacking. I tried this out with my VixSkin Raquel, and found that although the consistency of the lube stayed pleasant (didn’t become tacky, flake off, etc.), it did tend to dry out more quickly than I would have preferred. I had to either reapply some more or reactivate it with water, notably further down the shaft of the toy, and I experienced this to a lesser degree with other water-based lubes that I’ve tried in the past. Even though this is mildly annoying, though, I find that this is a small tradeoff to have a healthy, body-friendly lube with ingredients that I can actually pronounce.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Dries up too fast
    • Feels natural


Sliquid Organics Gel comes in a dark brown, cylindrical bottle with a snap cap. The front features a large and small Sliquid logo in differing shades of pruple, with the words “Sliquid Organics”, “Botanically Infused”, and “Glycerine and Paraben Free Natural Lubricating Gel” in smaller print. I would consider this bottle to be fairly discreet, as it could pass for a bottle of lotion or liquid soap if one did not look carefully at the printing.

The back features selling points of the product. Among other things, the label proclaims that this product is made of natural ingredients, free of glycerin, parabens, and petroleum, 100% vegan friendly, and friendly to latex, rubber, and plastic. It also includes the ingredient list (listed earlier in this review) and the mission statement of the company, which, to paraphrase, is to make body-friendly and healthier lubes for women, although its use is certainly not limited to those who identify as female.



My one gripe with the packaging is that because the bottle is so dark, it is hard to tell how much product is left inside, and I’m terrible at judging things like this based on weight. I tried holding the bottle up to the light of a window and could barely make out the level of the product inside. I suspect that this will also be one of those bottles that will be impossible to get the last bit of product out of, but since I haven’t gotten to that point yet, I don’t know for sure if this will be the case or not.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Does not leak
    • Very informative packaging
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    Thanks for an outstanding review! This is our favorite lube, and I can vouch for the fact that it DOES work well for anal. I was especially surprised at how well it worked for extended play with anal toys. After having the Tantus Ryder inserted for over an hour, I expected the lube to be dry — but it wasn't. External play with toys, which we don't do much of, is a different story, I think it only dries out if it's exposed to the air. I also share your gripe about not being able to easily tell how much is left. Maybe in the next version of the packaging, they'll leave a vertical section of the bottle uncovered by the label. A pump dispenser would be nice, too! To get the last dab out of the bottle, a little water will do the trick nicely.
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