Eroscillator 2 plus - oscillating massager by Advanced response corp. - review by WildKimA

Eroscillator 2 plus

Oscillating massager by Advanced response corp.

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Right You Are, Dr. Ruth!

This is a fabulous product for the first timer or the more experienced user. Although it is expensive, it is worth every penny.
Oscillates rather than vibrates; attachments excellent; easy to use.
No real cons; could be prettier.
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useful review
The Eroscillator was my first wand massager. Since then I have bought a Hitachi, and although I like the Hitachi, I use the Eroscillator much more.

This massager has two things going against it: Its name and its appearance. Eros and oscillator…OK, I get it, but it isn't very compelling, is it? Like the endorsement by Dr. Ruth, the name does sound safe and could allay insecurities of first-time “vibrator” buyers. As for the appearance, it looks like a cross between an electric toothbrush and a zapper out of a sci-fi film!

But don’t let the name or the appearance fool you. This is a wonderful product.

It is made of sturdy plastic, and the attachments, which snap without difficulty into the top, can be cleaned with warm water and soap. It has no smell. No dead batteries with this machine, because it comes with a cord, which by the way is long enough that you can carry it around a room (yes, I have done this on occasion).

I also appreciate its weight, only 1.5 lbs. Your hand never gets tired holding the Eroscillator, as it can with the Hitachi. Unlike some toys, you can regulate the speed easily, no matter what stage of your self-pleasuring you have reached. There are no buttons to find or parts to turn. Rather, a section of the shaft slides up and down, so that the control section is under your hand as you use it. Plus, at the top of the control section there is a lip you can locate easily with your fingers. There are three speeds. The first is a gentle buzz; the second is a more insistent pulsation; and the third…. Well, when I first got my Eroscillator, I could not use the third speed because it was too intense, although I use it regularly now. A speed for every need.

As the product information makes clear, this wand does not vibrate; it oscillates. What is the difference? For one thing, your sensitive organs are not numbed by the oscillations. If you have used a Hitachi, you know that too much vibration is not a good thing. In my experience, you can never have too much of the oscillations of this wand. The oscillations also seem to produce a deeper sensation in me than the Hitachi does.

The Eroscillator 2 comes with three attachments. They are all designed with specific goals in mind. One has a cup that nicely fits over a nipple to give a sweet massage, if that is what you like. One has a half moon or fan shape (called the coxcomb)on one side, and a bumpy surface on the other side. The half moon fits nicely between the labia for clitoral stimulation, while the reverse provides more intense stimulation. My favorite is the spoon-like attachment with a little, tiny bump at the end. I thought originally that the bump was a manufacturing flaw, but no…. It provides perfect stimulation, for example to the clitoris while you hold the rest of the “spoon” between the labia.
Although the Eroscillator is advertised as a "clitoral stimulator", I use it in different ways. Sometimes I do apply direct pressure to my clitoris for a faster orgasm; sometimes I work up gently, using all the different attachments. The oscillation also works very well when I am using clothes pins as nipple clips. If I apply the back of the ball/cup attachment to the clothes pins, the sensation electrifies me right down through my body.

Why is the spoon attachment my favorite? It is a wonderful g-spot stimulator! I use it in conjunction with a dildo because while I like the feeling of the dildo in my vagina, I usually cannot get it in the correct place to simulate my g-spot. By inserting the spoon attachment in the front of my vagina with the dildo in place, I can hit the exact spot. In fact, this is the only way (so far) that I have achieved a g-spot orgasm.

Thank you, Eroscillator!
Follow-up commentary
This continues to be one of my favorite toys, and I find more uses for it all the time. Recently I've been finding great pleasure using the cox-comb attachment. One side is a wonderful clit stimulator and the other is a general stimulator. Can't say anything bad about it.
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  • Femme Mystique
    Very helpful! Great first review!
  • WildKimA
    Thanks! Glad you liked it.
  • Britni TheVadgeWig
    Sigh. The more reviews I read of this product, the more I want one.
  • WildKimA
    And you are right to want one. It's too bad that they are so expensive (I'm assuming that's why you don't have one yet). Sad face

    Maybe you can get together with a friend and share? Hum, on second thought, maybe not. Ask your parents for it as a Christmas present? Hum, on second thought, maybe not. Ask your SO for it for Christmas? Maybe yes? I'm sure your SO would enjoy it too!

    Seriously (as much as one can be serious about sex toys), if you want to save up for a sex product, this is the one to save up for.

  • Liberty Belle
    Wow, I've never seen anything like this toy but when I came across the page, I was reminded of an amazing, vivid dream that I had involving a dentist's office chair and a tool that looked strikingly like this. Now I want one badly!

    It sounds amazing, thanks so much for the in-depth review. I hope to treat myself to one of these some day and work on making that dream of mine come true!
  • WildKimA
    Oh, my, I hope the dream didn't involve putting it into your MOUTH? It's a great product, but it wouldn't be too good for the mouth.Winking
  • LicentiouslyYours
    I just added this to my wishlist. I've heard people mention it, but man, this review has me rethinking my next purchase!
  • Nashville
    I too wish this was prettier but it was designed by a guy who made toothbrushes, I think he pushed his imagination as far as it could go.
  • pinkcupcakes
    thanks for the review!
  • SexyStuff
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