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Baby, I'm Going To Butter Your Bread!

Whether you are new or well versed with the Dona product line, the body butter is a very friendly product just about anyone can enjoy. With its thick and rich deep moisturizing abilities, it will form a protective barrier on your skin keeping moisture in. This isn't the cheapest body butter on Eden, but for the natural ingredients and two different butters inside, to me it is well worth the cost.
High quality, Long lasting, Amazing moisturizer.
Might get a waxy scent, Only a 5oz container, Has glycerin.
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Who would of thought that a product line that is geared towards women that a male such as me would thoroughly enjoy the Dona by JO aphrodisiac infused ritual. Honestly I think both men and women can truly enjoy this product line and benefit from its cleaning and nourishing abilities along with the amazing scents. Better yet, we have the Dona body butter that is an amazing stand-alone product or even better when layered with the other Dona products featured here on Eden Fantasys.

In this review I will be graciously talking about not one, but three of the Dona body butter aphrodisiacs---Mangosteen, Pomegranate and Camu Camu. So here is your only warning, this review will be fairly long, so grab something to drink and snack on and learn a little about Dona body butter and maybe be convinced to try some out and enjoy it like I have. Feel free to focus on the body butter of your choice if you are not interested in the others.

Often we hear of various products such as---body butter, body soufflé and body lotion. Later in this review I will briefly talk about those and why I consider this product to be body butter. There is a 5 step ritual involved with Dona products; it is completely optional if you want to follow this ritual (see special features). The body butter is absolutely fantastic by itself but also performs astonishingly when layered in the ritual. In any case, only a small amount of the butter is all you need in its 5oz container, you only need a small dab with your fingers for each application. The butter is thick and creamy but also rich, the many high quality ingredients inside will make this harder to spread easily over the skin when compared to body lotion.

This particular product is designed to be a thick and rich creamy moisturizer that establishes a protective barrier on your skin to keep moisture in. In use I have found this particular product best when used after a bath or shower, when your skin is in need of moisturizing the most. It also helps when your skin is almost somewhat damp from a shower to help the product spread easier. This is a very slow absorbing moisturizer unlike your typical body lotion that dissipates fast. You can expect this body butter to protect your skin for hours on end and is designed for anyone who is looking for smoother and healthier looking skin. While this can generally be used over the whole body, I would avoid using this on the face or genitals personally. Also I do feel the body butter is a bit too thick for long massaging sessions, a lotion or soufflé would be more ideal.

Because I personally consider this product to be of 'spa quality', people with extra-sensitive skin may need to be careful in using any product such as this. In many cases people with the most sensitive of skin will use baby lotions to prevent irritation or allergic reactions. In the Dona body butter there are a couple main ingredients that stand out I would see possibly being an issue in reactions. There are at least trace amounts of 'natural' glycerin which is supposed to be less irritating and there is also beeswax in the body butter. Please review the ingredient list featured on the product page.

With any bath and body product, you should not only review the ingredient list, but also perform a test spot on your skin before full use. Just because Dona body butter has all-natural ingredients or ingredients derived from natural sources, does not mean you may not run into any reactions or irritation.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Moisturizing
    • Mood enhancer
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • After bath
    • After shower
    • Before bed
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • All over body
    • External use only
    • Not for face/genitals

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

You would think having 3 body butter's from the same company that they would all be the same texture and thickness just in a different scent, however they are not. I have reviewed the ingredients and they are almost 100% identical in each one I have excluding the 'super-fruit' that is in each one. My only thought on this is that they vary from batch to batch, or each one has a specific amount of certain ingredients to make each one differ from the other. Now it's time to discuss each one, also included pictures will show my finger dabbed lightly in each one to show it forming peaks.

Mangosteen Body Butter
While not thick like real butter, I would say this particular one reminds me of frosting on a cake, the particular kind that is not whipped and does not have air in it. Maybe perhaps a thick creamy butter-cream frosting/icing with a bit more liquid feel to it. The butter itself has small little brown specs in it, I assume from one of the ingredients but I'm not sure which one.

Pomegranate Body Butter
Again this one is not like a thick butter you might find in your fridge. Similar to the mangosteen, I found the pomegranate more on the consistency side of perhaps Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise but richer and slightly thicker. I found the pomegranate the easiest of all 3 to spread and absorb into my skin.

Camu Camu Body Butter
The thickest of the 3 in my body butters would be the camu camu, again not as thick as butter in the fridge. While in the container it may not seem thicker, I found the camu camu the hardest and most work of them to fully spread and rub into my skin.

What Makes These "Body Butter's"?
Many things determine what body butter is but I will do my best to compare to other types of moisturizing products. In a body lotion, you generally have no butter ingredients and the consistency is very thin, much like cheap sunscreen, overall it's fairly watered down. In a body soufflé, the consistency is usually fairly thick, much like a whipped yogurt or whipped product in general. It has less water in it than lotion but still more than body butter, I have found in most body soufflé there is no butter in them.

Finally we reach body butters, what gives these their name is the fact they have usually at least one type of butter in them. Dona body butter has 2 different types of butter in them; they are very heavy and rich and not whipped or airy like a body soufflé. The water content in these is much lower than in body soufflé and lotions, the Dona body butter is also packed with at least 7 different types of oils. By most standards these are definitely body butter so you can expect a very rich and heavy product, not thin and watery.

Overall I found the body butters all fairly consistent with each other in the container. The most noticeable differences are when being applied directly to the skin. In all cases, I have found none of these body butters to leave greasy or oily residue on my skin. After you rub the butter in to where you get that drag feel to your skin, you will still feel a layering on your skin. This is not something that is uncomfortable; it's just noticeable in the sense that you feel your skin is different. After rubbing the body butter in it takes awhile (at least for me) before your skin starts to feel velvety or silky smooth. Mangosteen body butter seems to be the only one in the 3 that I have that has a slight color difference; it almost has an earthy light clay look to it.
    • Creamy
    • Smooth
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

"Scrumdiddlyumptious" seems like a fitting word for how yummy the Dona scents are in their products. That is of course once you find your favorite aphrodisiac that smells the best to you. The ways the Dona products have been designed are to smell slightly different for everyone. If you have read Dona reviews you will notice a variance in scent descriptions. Also I'd like to also point out that the name of each 'super-fruit' is actually the aphrodisiac used and not necessarily the actual scent of the product. Okay I won't keep you waiting any longer; here is my interpretation of the scents on all 3 body butters.

Much like the other mangosteen products in the Dona line, the body butter carries through with the aroma. It is very much like the mangosteen body polish without the soapy smell I find. It has a lighter fruity smell, not quite like a citrus, but more on the juicy melon side. Also accompanied with a somewhat bold earthy spicy aroma, much like you would smell when you walk into a coffee shop. I love the smell of this, however my partner does not. In the container it is a fairly strong aroma, but nothing overwhelming I found. However spread on the body it really kicks up a notch and becomes very strong especially being rubbed over a large portion of the body. Even then, I still love this scent, I find it energizing and a good 'pick-me-up' style of aroma.

This aphrodisiac seems to work nicely in all the products I have used so far and seems consistent. To me it smells almost identical to strawberry Pop Rocks candy. It is sweet and fruity with a slight hint of tartness to it. In the container it is comparable to the mangosteen in potency, however I find the pomegranate just slightly stronger overall. When applied all over the body you will find it becomes a much stronger aroma but for a short while, but I find it stays true to the aroma of sweet strawberry candy.

Camu Camu
This particular one is very interesting and also very hard to get a true sense of. In most of the products it has almost a fresh scent smell to it. Much like a vanilla-coconut blend but it is very light and subtle. In the container it is fairly light, like smelling one of those cheap generic candles in the sense that it does not have a real strong aroma when compared to a Yankee Candle. This is the only one I have found though that has a waxy play-dough smell in it. This seems mostly noticeable in the container for me, once applied to the skin I only pick up on this as a light waxy smell with mostly a vanilla-coconut fresh scent aroma. Overall I like it and could wear it, but it is not my absolute favorite.

All in all the 3 aromas are very natural smelling and nothing artificial or chemical. Even with the camu camu with its waxy play-dough style of undertone smell I still found these all naturally and enjoyable smelling. Pomegranate being the most fruity and delicious, mangosteen is the uplifting energizing scent and camu camu is the light and subtle calming aroma in my opinion. These are sure to last you quite some time also, when applied generously to the skin, I found several hours later with my nose to my skin I could lightly pick up on the scent.

When layered, these seem to keep fairly consistent with the aroma profiles; I don't find that they start to change into other smells. I'd like to also point out that none of these gave me a headache or made me feel light headed. They are all nice aromas that don't make you feel sick like you would walking down the cleaning isle of a department store (or the candle isle). One thing I did notice however is that if I had applied this right before going to bed that some of the aroma would actually transfer into the bed sheets. Going to bed the next night and lifting the covers I could get a light smell of the body butter.

These are not for eating or tasting from what I can tell and I do not desire really to taste them. Although the pomegranate smells delicious, I would recommend not licking your skin or eating the body butter.
    • Long lasting
    • Natural smell
    • Smells good


Don't worry; I won't break the performance up into 3 sections for each type of body butter. In all honesty I have to say as a deep skin moisturizer these are simply amazing. They work wonders on my skin and it has never felt or looked this good in a long time (since before I hit puberty).

If you can deal with the thick, rich and creamy consistency that takes a little bit of work to rub it into your body then you will be treated to high quality body butter. My partner loves the camu camu and she has commented a few times that it is one of the best moisturizers she has used that lasts a long time. In my own experience I find all 3 body butters to last many hours on end. If I apply them at night time before bed, my skin feels amazingly smooth and soft in the morning when I wake up.

While they may take time to fully absorb into the skin, I feel this is necessary in providing that protective barrier on your skin. I have never felt the need to wash off my body after applying the butter; however as a personal preference I do not like the feel of any moisturizer on the palms of my hands. So I used hand soap and warm water to wash my hands after applying the butter, sadly this does not really remove the butter so I had to really rub my hands clean on a hand towel. That finally is what removed the feel of the butter from my hands. Again this is just a personal preference and not everyone will need to do this.

Often I have sensitive skin but not necessarily allergies to specific ingredients, with these body butters being rich with ingredients I have found no irritation or discomfort in use. My skin quickly absorbs the body butter (results will vary based on skin type) and feels nourished and moisturized. Honestly I would have to say these compare to high quality celebrity or spa quality products (just my opinion). I generally apply Dona body butter once a day or when needed and do not really feel the need to reapply more than once a day. Some people with extra dry skin may need to apply 2 or 3 times a day.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Long lasting
    • Performance


The 5oz plastic (no. 5) container came wrapped in a clear plastic bag to protect from leaking if it occurred. As with all other Dona products there is the signature lace design on the label that wraps around the container. Personally I like the size of the container in the sense that it is easier to store and travel with, however most people enjoy a larger container that will last longer. The black plastic screw cap makes the container leak-proof and will come with a sticky label over the cover and container as a tamper-proof seal with the scent/aphrodisiac printed on it.

As with all the other Dona products I own, I find these to be for the most part discreet and something I would leave out in open view. But considering the front of the label says "an aphrodisiac infused ritual" some people may find that not so discreet. The ingredients are labeled on the bottom with a white sticky label with fine black print. If you find the container still too big for travel you could remove some and place it in a small 1-2oz portion size container. Each container is just over 3 1/2" in diameter and just over 1 1/2" tall.

    • Does not leak
    • Travel friendly
    • Would make a nice gift

Special Features

Out of the 3 body butters I received they actually have the exact same ingredient listing as each other minus the super-fruit that is used. So where the super-fruit is used, just replace it with each different one and you have your ingredient list. I recommend you look at the ingredient list on the product page to see just what all is in this body butter. However I can summarize by saying that there are 2 different butters (Shea butter and Cupuacu butter) and also at least 7 different types of oils. A lot of these ingredients are very good in healing and moisturizing your skin.

5 Step Dona Ritual
1. Relax---"Slow down and set the sensual tone."
Massage Candle, Bath Salts, Bath Milk, Arousing Herbal Bath Essence, Chromotherapy Bath Treatment.
2. Cleanse---"Purify your body using luxurious lathers, exfoliators, and gels."
Body Wash, Body Polish, Bath Foam, Shave Gel, Lingerie Wash.
3. Nourish---"Make your skin touchable and kissably soft."
Body Butter, Body Lotion, Body Mist Lotion.
4. Illuminate---"Enhance your natural beauty and space."
Shimmer spray, Linen Spray, Lip Balm.
5. Engage---"Share the fun with sensual play products."
Massage Oil, Kissable Body Drizzle, Pheromone perfume gel, Rose Petals.

Good for You and the Environment
(As quoted from a Dona product catalog)
Created with natural and naturally derived ingredients obtained from renewable resources.
Eco-friendly and biodegradable.
Free of mineral oil, petrolatum, lanolin, and other petroleum derivatives.
Free of parabens, harsh chemicals, or preservatives.
Cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

Personal comments

On the topic of aphrodisiacs I would like to point out that while Dona advertises their line is infused with proven aphrodisiacs the results will vary in each person. Aphrodisiacs can be ingested or absorbed through the skin and the intent is to create an increase in sexual desire. While I can see how this is possible, I personally do not feel any sexual effects from using Dona products (yet). However, I can easily see that someone using the body drizzle, or massage candle/oil will easily find themselves aroused more with a partner.

Also I would like to say that this review is based on my personal experience with the product, the scent may be different for you and also the performance overall. You may find the butter does not last long for you, something to keep in mind is that it will perform differently based on your skin type (normal, oily, dry and so on). Sadly the Dona body butter does not specify what type of skin it is designed for. But I could probably say this seems more geared towards normal and dry skin, even though there are a lot of oils in this butter it does not feel oily. But those with extremely dry skin may benefit the most from this kind of body butter.

At full cost here on Eden, you are paying about $2.40 per ounce of body butter assuming the price stays at $11.99 without sales or coupons. This is somewhat more expensive than a few other body butters featured on Eden, however I feel this is worth the cost for something so rich and long lasting that is also all-natural and paraben free. I'm not sure about you, but I get quite tired of seeing parabens in products these days.

Do you have a question about something I did not cover in this review? Or any questions what so ever about Dona body butter or any of their products I have used? Feel free to send me a private message on Eden or leave your question in a comment on the review. I am more than willing to answer and test things out with these products to further help you out. Also check out some of the other reviewers that are following the Dona product line, they will have plenty of information also with a different perspective.


To be quite honest in all my experience in using these body butter's I really don't think I have any real complaints about them. They perform how they should (if not better) as a moisturizer without leaving a yucky residue on the skin. As I was writing this review last night I had some multiple test spots on my skin with all 3 body butter's, keeping in mind I only added a small amount. When I woke up in the morning I could still smell the camu camu body butter on my arm where I had applied it. I could not smell the pomegranate or mangosteen though, which normally I can but I did not apply a lot.

If you are wondering how this works in layering then lucky for you I did try out some mangosteen layering. Long story short, after a long day of shopping and errand running with my partner I was fairly tired of walking around (shopping makes me tired easily). It was time to run a bath of the mangosteen bath milk and also have the mangosteen massage candle lit. Turned off the lights and allowed the candle to illuminate the bathroom while I soaked in the lovely scent for a good 30 minutes. After soaking I scrubbed off with mangosteen body wash followed by the body polish.

Finally after drying off I applied the mangosteen body butter all over my body. The results are beyond heavenly; I understand now why Dona has this ritual and how relaxing it is. Layering the body butter on top of all that other stuff really helped in overall moisturizing my skin and making it look and feel very clean and healthy. On top of the all of this, the overall scent and aroma was mostly the same, but seems to have a much cleaner, natural and fresh aroma to it vs. the heavy scent of the mangosteen products. The whole experience was relaxing at first then energizing and uplifting after I was done layering.

My only thoughts are that in my experience that maybe some people out there may not prefer the thickness and richness of body butter like this. But honestly these types of products are going to be best if you are looking for deep moisturizing with an amazing variety of scents. My experience will also vary compared to each person as well, but I will say if you cannot handle a waxy or play-dough smell in your body butter I would avoid the camu camu. To me it is subtle but that smell is always there, I do not personally feel bothered by it.
Follow-up commentary
Ah yes the good ole' Dona body butter, such a great product overall in all my time of using it. With minor flaws here and there, usually nothing I was too worried about; it has been one of the better ones I have used. My only complaint is during the hotter summer months it is difficult to use this during the day. With all the heat and humidity, the body butter just feels too heavy on the skin along with the residue of it.

The ingredients and state of the product seem to stay consistent in the sense that it has not dried up nor has it formed any pools of liquid separating from other ingredients. Because of my large quantity of moisturizing products, I had to give away the pomegranate scented Dona body butter to a friend and she just absolutely loves it! I'm really glad I tried the Dona line and still enjoy using it to this day!
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