Latex and Silicone Sex Toys. Who is who?

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It's enough to hear the word "latex" and we automatically match it with word "condom". If someone says "silicone", our subconscious involuntarily adds "breasts" (or Valley). Though reacting so promptly, many people find it difficult to say the difference between the two materials when it comes to adult toys. Just a dozen out there can tell the advantages and disadvantages of each material. In this article, we're going to put face to face silicone and latex sex toys and give a thorough analysis to find out their ups and downs. All in all, the only one who profits out of this article is you, my dear reader, as now you'll have all the necessary and coherent information regarding this aspect and will be able to find you "perfect sex toy".

The pioneers of the sex toy industry were produced from latex, just like condoms. First and foremost thing that catches your attention is a very smooth and soft structure of the latex rubber toys. Altough you can feel the smell of rubber at once, when unpacking latex sex toys, they still remain the most affordable products among adult toys. The stagering developement of adult toy industry led to diversification of the sex products and accesories, a vast number of them are made of latex rubber. Many latex toys are also called "Jelly toys" thanks to the structure of the material that quite often resembles jelly (transparent with bubbles inside).

From the hygienic point of view, latex/jelly adult toys are not the best choice. They have a porous texture, thus they are harder to clean than other available materials. What impresses most of the customers is that jelly toys can be used with both, oil-based and water-based lubricants, however, once lubricated or just moisten, they will easily attract dust. Leaving aside the smell, many people consider latex adult toys to be very lovely and very pleasing to use, thanks to their realistic appearance and lifelike sensations. If you're looking forward to purchase a qualitative adult toy for as little money as possible, latex rubber toys are the perfect selection.

Another, very frequently used material in sex toy production is silicone. What might surprise you is, they also have that rubber smell, but not so strong as their latex rubber peers.

Silicone toys are very easy to clean, due to their non-porous texture, in comparison with jelly sex toys.
What's more amazing is, you can put them in a dish washing machine and let them take a shower over there. Although there is just one main ingredient in silicone sex toys, which obviously is silicone, one can come across to very soft toys and hard one as well. Adult toys made of silicone have a smooth surface, thus do not attract dust, even when being lubricated or moisten. Just like many other adult toys, silicone toys go well with water-based lubricants, nevertheless, it is recommended to avoid using them together with oil-based lubes, as their surface may be deteriorated. Thus their lifespan might become shorter. Another great advantage of silicone toys is their compatibility with your body temperature. They warm up quite fast and maintain same temperature as your body to provide more realistic sensations.

Surprises from silicone toys keep coming. Besides the lack of that terrible rubber smell, that one can feel with latex toys, silicone sex toys are hypo-allergenic. This feature makes silicone products the best and perfect choice for allergic people. As many silicone toys are hand-made, they are usually a bit more expensive than latex rubber toys. From one hand this might be an impediment while thinking of getting one but, on the other hand, you won't regret if you purchase a silicone toy, because their lifespan is much longer comparing to other products of the sex toy industry.

As the industry of adult pleasures develops and keeps discovering new ways to amaze its clients, new materials keep appearing on the market. Cyberskin is an evolutionary material, which imitates real skin as much as it is possible. A blend of silicone and plastic, Cyberskin toys look and feel unbelievably real. Nevertheless, they loose their position in comparison with hardness of an erected penis, being softer than the original thing. Another "drawback" of Cyberskin material would be its porous structure. The only way to keep Cyberskin sex toys "in good shape", is a splash of hot water with antibacterial soap or specially elaborated cleaning solutions. Just as their silicone brother and sisters, avoid using Cyberskin toys with oil-based lubricants. (You might face same problems as mentioned above with silicone toys). Pay attention, depending on the manufacturer, Cyberskin may also be recognized as Softskin, Ultraskin, Cyber Jel-lee and Eroskin.