What's The Buzz? A Guide To Vibrators Sex Guides and Tips
by Fanny Price

Vibrator Materials


Silicone – the perfect material for adult toys. It provides phenomenal realistic sensations as it resembles real skin. Another advantage of silicone would be its "thermo flexibility" as it can change its temperature according to your desires. The non-porous and hypoallergenic texture make silicone sex toys rather popular and demanded among the consumers. They are easily cleaned, just put them under a flush of hot water, apply some soap and the job's done.

The only disadvantage of silicone toys is their price. They are a bit more expensive than their "brothers and sisters" made of other materials as they are hand made. Nevertheless don't hesitate to purchase one as it will last much longer than other adult toys.


Sweet Spot

Another, rather durable and pliable material is Elastomer. It is also a phthalate-free material which guarantees lack of chemical softeners in sex toys made out of it. Due to their porous texture, it is recommended to use condoms while sharing them, as it is hard to sterilize such toys.

Jelly Rubber

For all the amateurs of soft and smooth materials, allow us to introduce the Jelly Rubber material. Adult toys made of Jelly Rubber are cheaper than other toys and the basic argument for that is their shorter "life". Unlike Elastomer, Jelly Rubber contain phthalate, hence it's better to play with a condom on them.

Lucid dream no.54

Silicone/Rubber Mixes

Many sex toy manufacturers speculate on the law that says: "A sex product has to be only composed of 10% of a material to be called that material" and insert "Silicone" in product's name, most popular material among consumers, although it's a mixture of materials. As our intentions are to inform our customers properly, we recommend you pay more attention on toy's ingredients before buying it. Although these toys take the lifespan of silicone toys, they also inherit the features of rubber toys and should be treated as such.


If what you are looking for is something that totally resembles real genitals, then Cyberskin (convertible terms: Futurotic™, Jel-Lee®, UR3®, Soft Touch™, New Supersoft, Futurotic plus™, SoftSkins®) sex toys are our recommendation. This is the most lifelike material of all available on the market. They cost less than silicone toys, that is due to their porous texture that is hard to disinfect. Some of these them may also have phthalate in the list of ingredients, hence be sure you are using them with a condom.

Hard Materials

In the list of hard materials we include glass, metal, latex, plastic and acrylic sex toys. All of them are smooth and what's more important phthalate-free. Prices for such "delights" vary depending on the material.

Liquid filled vibrator
Liquid filled vibrator
Chrome alloy vibrator
Chrome alloy vibrator