Sex Guides and Tips
Vibrator Miracles

Vibrators have their myths too, you know. Learn about the most popular ones and find out whether it's true or not.

Rabbit Pearl. The "die hard" vibrating toy

Get to know more about the Pearl Rabbit phenomenon. Why it's so popular and why do many women swear that this is simply the best vibe on the market?

Double Action Dildos

A glimpse on the multiplayer fun and double penetration devices. This article is created to give you some information on the subject and help you with the choice of weapons if you consider this type of sex fun.

A good lube is better than any toy.

Which lube to use? This article is aimed to answer this question and help you orientate in the rich lubricator market.

Revamping Couples' Sex Lives

A set of competent advices from professionals to couples, who are experiencing some problems with their sex lives. It's often better to ask a question, and not hiding the problem.

What's In A Name: Sex Toys vs Personal Massagers?

Often know to be hidden by the name “personal massager” in the past, what do vibrators offer if compared to the massagers nowadays? Is it a play of names or there is a precise difference?

Who Me? A Sex Toy?

Open your mind and overcome the shame of speaking out your fantasies. It's your righteous freedom.

Do I Look Like I Need A Sex Toy?

If you think sex toys are something dirty and pervert, think again. This article is based on scientific facts and is aimed to help people reconsider their thinking on the subject.

The quickest way from spot A to G-spot

The Holy Grail of the sex world, the G-spot is the area all lovers quest for. Learn the basic principles and maneuvers, concerning this erogenous zone and learn how to enjoy intense female delight.

Shopping Online For Sex Toys

Shopping for sex toys online is a very reliable and discrete access to sex toys market. Learn how to avoid general inconveniences and make your shopping as easy as it can get.