Rabbit Pearl. The "die hard" vibrating toy

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The topic of our today's conversation class, is Rabbit Pearl vibrator. Besides being a best-seller among its peers for quite a time, its appearance in an episode of Sex and the City, made it a complete champion in selling in the history of adult toys industry. Shortly after its world wide presentation on television it became the most famous and popular sex toy among ladies and it's rather easy to understand why it is so - you've got 5 different sex joys in one. How do you like that apples? So, wondering what makes Rabbit Pearl and its variations so unique and different from the other sex toys? Let's find it out together...

First of all it's a dildo. Intended as a vibrating toy, such toys as Rabbit Pearl can be used also as dildos - just keep it turned off. Its shaft is made of a soft and pliable jelly material with accurate details, making it resemble a real penis. All these features, put all together, makes it a perfect dildo toy for penetrative frictions. Don't forget to put a few drops of lubricant if you want an easy glide.

Secondly, it's of course a powerful vibrator. Just push the switch ON button and voila... what used to be a dildo, now is a vibrator. The multi-speed function will allow you to choose the tempo and rhythm you find most appropriate and enjoyable for yourself. A lower speed at the beginning is suitable for those who try a vibrating toy for the first time. After you get used to the sweet vibes, pick a speed you love most of all and enjoy it till the "happy end".

The rotating shaft. Yes, exactly, the rotating/gyrating shaft. It's quite different from vibration mode, although they go together.
Once you turn on the vibrating mode the upper part of the toy starts to rotate. This mechanism is not so common among rabbit vibrators but it gives indeed sensational results. The rotating motions start to stimulate your inner erogenous zones, like G-spot, inner vagina walls and other sensual spots you didn't have the slightest idea you had them. However, it's "head" neither gyrate nor vibrate, so, if you're used to clitoral stimulation then it's better to use its shaft for that purpose rather than its tip.

4th wonder - the rotating pearls. According to Tamar Love's words, this is another exceptional feature of the Rabbit Pearl vibrator. Besides its vibrating and gyrating modes and multi-speed options, it's gifted also with a band of rotating pearls, offering some exquisite sensations. If you angle it in the proper position, the moving pearls will hit the G-spot, which is the Orgasm detonator, to make you "explode". Another way of getting the pleasure running through your veins is pressing/rubbing the revolving pearls against your clitoris or hold them just at the entrance of your vagina. Get ready for a hot ride.

It's an amazing clit tickler. Hmm... it looks nice to you but still a bit odd, due to those "bunny ears". Wonder what are they for? This is probably the most amazing and stunning part of this adult toy - ladies, and gentlemen as well, please welcome the clitoris teaser. Positioned perfectly to hit your clitoris while inserted, it has its own vibration modes which can also be adjusted just the way you like them. In combination with revolving pearls, vibrating and gyrating shaft and the nice girth it is surely to leave you speechless for quite a time, till you turn it on again.