July 25, 2007
byDelilah Douglas

The sexiest guy I have ever been intimate with is a free-spirited tree-hugger. This favorite playmate of mine (who use to work for Greenpeace and currently teaches urban kids about sustainable energy) knows how to shake my tree, if ya know what I mean. Anyway… needless to say, I find people with a "green... read more

Organic Orgasm: Environmentally Conscious Adult Products
June 20, 2007
byTiggr d'Amore

Can sexual fantasies and real-life experiences be built on one or just a few of the senses? What about sex without smell or silent sex? What about intentional sensory deprivation to heighten sexual awareness? Is deprivation helpful or hindering to achieve maximum sexual excitement, performance, and response? Or are... read more

Senseless Sex?: Sensory Deprivation
June 07, 2007
byElizabeth Black

Tim nearly fell off the couch when his wife opened her Valentine's Day gift. She pulled a huge, purple butt plug out of the box. She gave him a very shocked look.

The butt plug was for Tim's “cyber playmate”. The company had shipped it to the wrong address.

He stammered, and told his wife... read more

Is Cybersex an Affair?
May 21, 2007
byTiggr d'Amore

Sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch. How do our senses affect not only our real-life sexual experiences but also our fantasies? Can fantasies be built on only one or two of the senses, rather than all five? Do our senses contribute positively to our real-life sexual experiences? Does a certain gaze or scent... read more

Sensational Sex: How the Senses Affect Our Experiences
May 10, 2007
byTiggr d'Amore

Have you ever wondered what sex will be like in ten, or twenty, or fifty years? Think about it. Technological advances in the digital era have not only improved and exponentially expanded the sex toy market but also afforded us countless opportunities for interactive, sexual play without even leaving the relative... read more

All Fantasy, All the Time?
April 24, 2007
byThe Butterfly Temptress

All too often I've heard myself or my female friends lamenting on the lack of romance in their relationships. We comment on our day to day grind of picking up laundry, getting the kids motivated, and trying to be the Superwoman we feel we need to be. At the end of the day, instead of simply falling into bed... read more

Speaking the Language of Love
April 05, 2007
byThe Butterfly Temptress
Growing up I was a huge fan of romance novels. Scantily clad women graced the covers and the inside of each novel was full of sex between the heroine and the man of her dreams. At the end of the book when they finally end up together, the happily ever after ending everyone loves, was how the story really ended. You... read more The Disservice of Romance Novels
March 20, 2007
byThe Butterfly Temptress
Do you know the difference between sex and intimacy? If you're like me, they probably go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other, right? Not at all. The difference between sex and intimacy is difficult to discern for most of us. Instead of focusing on sex, let's focus on intimacy instead.
Intimacy is a... read more
Increasing Intimacy
March 08, 2007
byThe Butterfly Temptress
Before I fell in love I explored my sexuality. I toyed with the idea of a one night stand and I wondered if I could be the kind of person who could have a friend with benefits. Various adult sites were visited and profiles were written to try each one on for size. I quickly realized that I wasn't the type to meet... read more Into The Swing
February 13, 2007
byThe Butterfly Temptress
How long have you been in your current relationship? For a minute, sit back and think about all the changes your love has endured. Perhaps the changes have been career changes or changes in the number of children and grandchildren. Maybe those changes are more traumatic, more difficult to handle than life's pleasant... read more Weathering The Winds of Change
November 22, 2006
byDavid Levinson
Wasn’t that incredible? Holly says. We deserve a medal for that! Elatia doesn’t know what to say; she’s never stolen anything in her life. They are riding back to their apartment in Park Slope on two new bikes and Holly thinks of that day, almost six months ago, when she surprised Elatia with Lucky. She... read more One Black, One Blue
November 09, 2006
byDavid Levinson
On the award-winning show, "Entourage," Eric's girlfriend, Sloan, has a friend in town visiting her. She's blond and hot and her name's Tory. She looks and sounds a little like Cameron Diaz, but she's prettier, if you can believe it. Gorgeous body, lots of curves, great smile. Sloan's not bad herself - the... read more The Morning After
October 25, 2006
byDavid Levinson
Marriage is forever. Sometimes. Sometimes not. But one thing is for certain: after a while, the sex simply goes. Whether familiarity breeds contempt or the grass is always greener, after a certain number of years, it becomes more and more difficult to keep those sexual sparks flying. Wedded sexual bliss ends for a... read more A Marriage of Inconvenience
September 29, 2006
byDavid Levinson
Up until the 1970s, the term "homosexuality" was still on record as a mental illness. And though homosexuality has moved well beyond the closet, though it has been embraced by the media–"Will and Grace," "Queer Eye For the Straight Guy," "The L Word," "Queer as Folk," even the HBO hit, "The Sopranos," which has its... read more Because They Can
September 13, 2006
byDavid Levinson
Recently, my friend, Carol, was a groomsman in James' wedding in New York. Yes, a groomsman, not a bridesmaid. She stood next to James, whose best friends were mostly women, thrilled for him, but harboring a secret melancholy. At the reception, she sat among the other bridesmaids and groomsmen, while James' cousin... read more (Un)Happily Ever After
August 24, 2006
byDavid Levinson
People like to splash, plash and push, but splosh? Bill Shipton, founder of Splosh magazine, says sploshing is "best defined as lurking around with messy or wet things - food, mud or paint - or just getting wet with your clothes on. Sploshing forms two categories. There are people who do it in a sensual way, as... read more Sploshing
August 03, 2006
byDavid Levinson
You broke up back in November of last year and here it is, spring again. The air is warming up; the trees are budding out your window. She ruined your winter (take some responsibility: you let her ruin your winter!) and now that it's beautiful outsode, it might be nice to try again. You've boxed up her things and have... read more Love (and Loss) is in The Air
July 19, 2006
byDavid Levinson
There you are: you've dimmed the lights, lit a candle, and put on some music - you're all ready to perform - but when the time comes to show her how much she turns you on, you just can't get it up. At least, you can't get it up like you used to and you can't stay hard for as long as either of you would like. You might... read more Male Impotence (or Erectile Dysfunction)
June 23, 2006
byDavid Levinson
It is said that knowledge is power. It is also said that power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Both statements make sense in and of themselves, but when taken together, they send a terribly mixed message, especially as far as relationships are concerned. When we first get to know someone, we ask... read more The Ex Factor
June 07, 2006
byDavid Levinson
The end of any relationship is difficult, whether you've spent years together or just a few months. Love isn't put to rest overnight and can linger long after you've said goodbye. Some experts say it takes half as long as the relationship lasted to process it and move on. Others say grief holds itself unaccountable... read more Now It's Time to Say Goodbye
May 25, 2006
byDavid Levinson
When you came together all those months or years ago, how could you possibly have ever predicted the messy end of love? What began with flirtation led into infatuation and there you were, pining away for this person, this stranger, you barely knew. That first blush, of sex and romance, can't ever be undone - those are... read more At Last . . . The Breakup
May 11, 2006
byDavid Levinson
When Jim called his parents in Wyoming to say he'd fallen in love with a brain surgeon, you could've heard his mother's gleeful shrieks on Uranus. Over the years, they'd had their skirmishes, usually about her inability to accept his gayness. They never spoke about it and if they did, it was at Jim's request. Now, he... read more If He Could've Gotten Pregnant, He Would've Kept the Baby
April 27, 2006
byDavid Levinson
A famous star popularized the notion that "it's not having what you want, it's wanting what you got" that made life fuller and richer. Yes, words to live by, yet somehow impossible for many of us to get right. Why don't we ever seem to grasp the fragile beauty of what we've got until it's gone? Why do we often... read more Wanting What You've Got
April 07, 2006
byDavid Levinson
It was late and they were standing on Simone's small balcony again, staring out at Chinatown and the Seasons Greeting sign in Little Italy, strung up far too early in the year. The end of November, the air was unusually cold, but that didn't stop Daniel from enjoying a scotch and Simone from smoking a cigarette. They... read more I've Slept With Girls Far Hotter Than You
March 27, 2006
byDavid Levinson
The cynic will tell you that romance has been dead for decades (like the theater, like book publishing) and until Chloe met Jack, she would've said the same thing. Her yearlong romance with him began as a bike ride over the Williamsburg Bridge on a cool, misty evening in May. She arrived at his apartment, met his cat... read more Undetectable
March 10, 2006
byDavid Levinson
Do you feel differently now that you've bid a fond (or not-so-fond) farewell to last year? Was it a good year, bad, somewhere in-between? Did you change what needed to be changed, make amends where you needed to make amends, open up or close off in unexpected ways? Did you say I love you more often than not - and mean... read more Ask Yourself This
February 27, 2006
byDavid Levinson
On the hit TV show, "Desperate Housewives," Gabrielle Solis has an affair with her gardener, John, a muscular, handsome seventeen-year-old high school boy. Stunning, passionate Gabrielle looks to John for excitement and escape from her dull, suburban life, her marriage to her husband, Carlos, having reached some... read more This Life She's Chosen
February 13, 2006
byDavid Levinson
Some time ago, Ruth, a friend of John's, asked him to donate his sperm so that she could get pregnant. One of his oldest and best friends, he met Ruth and her partner, Gloria, one January day for dinner and told them he'd be happy to do it; he didn't want to be a father, he simply wanted to help them out. It seemed... read more The View From Here
January 25, 2006
byDavid Levinson
The crush was clear the moment Sandra met Vince that Sunday afternoon, though it wasn't until later that night, when she took the elevator up to Vince's apartment and found him waiting at the door, that Sandra understood the enormity of her attraction. She wasn't sure what to expect as she stepped into the rather... read more The Pullback
January 11, 2006
byDavid Levinson
So we've all been there, right? We're dating someone and find ourselves thinking about him constantly, calling too much, showing up at his workplace when we know we shouldn't, fantasizing about the rest of our lives together. We skip steps, vital steps, to close the deal; we don't like living in those unknowable... read more Follow and I Flee; Flee and I Follow
December 28, 2005
byDavid Levinson
Sex, sex, sex. Sometimes, it's all we ever think about and sometimes, it's all we ever do, especially in the throes of a new relationship. Friends have told me about their all-nighters, the hours and hours of sex, that come morning, they did it all over again, he on top, she on top, the missionary, doggie-style, in... read more The Men From The Boys
December 14, 2005
byDavid Levinson
Nothing is more daunting than planning for New Year's Eve, right? You spend days and weeks preparing for the inevitable - when midnight arrives and you lean in and kiss the one you're with, or turn to the handsome stranger beside you and plant a big one right on his lips. ‘Tis the season, after all. There's a certain... read more Chasing the Dream
December 05, 2005
byDavid Levinson
We are entering a period of great reflection, as we rush toward these last few weeks of 2005. Some of us will look back at this past year with fondness, others with regret. We will see the mistakes we made and wonder why we made them, how it was we repeated the same old patterns again, with our friends and family and... read more X-MAS, PDA's, and You
November 21, 2005
byDavid Levinson
A few years ago, a friend of mine began a long-distance romance with a woman who was living then in Los Angeles. They met through friends, though they'd never actually seen each other in person: Gary got Susan's number and called her up. They exchanged pictures online, chatted on the phone for hours and days and... read more The Colors of Love
November 10, 2005
byDavid Levinson
Having finished her burger and fries, a girlfriend of mine turned to me quite suddenly, incredibly animated about foreplay, a topic she'd been contemplating recently. "There are two types of women, as far as I can tell," she said. "Those who can orgasm from getting eaten out and those who can't." She went on to... read more Female orgasm
October 31, 2005
byDavid Levinson
Though a lot can be said about the differences in the sexes, nothing perhaps captures it better than the age-old adage: A man falls in love with the woman he's attracted to and a woman is attracted to the man she falls in love with. Simplistic, yes, but oftentimes it is these most obvious and overlooked truths that... read more Sentimental Education
October 20, 2005
byDavid Levinson
According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, masturbation is "the excitement of the sexual organs, often culminating in orgasm." For men, this might occur as many as several times a day (if you have such free time), and is a wonderful stress-reliever for the usually sweet, albeit aggressive Alpha male. For women... read more A Stroke of Good Luck
October 07, 2005
byDavid Levinson
"We had an amazing time," my friend said of her first date with B, a successful dermatologist in New York. "We spent the whole day together and then, well, I stayed at his place. The best sex I've had in years!" "Don't you think that's moving pretty fast," I said. "You don't know this guy at all." "Isn't... read more The Vagueness of Soon
September 22, 2005
byDavid Levinson
In the newly released film, "Junebug," Madelyn, an art gallery owner, meets George during an auction and falls in love. Later, while visiting his very southern, very middle-class family, she's asked if it was love at first sight. Smiling, she not only admits that it was, but that they were wed a week after knowing... read more Do I Stay or Do I Go?
September 12, 2005
byDavid Levinson
As Sarah Jessica Parker, who made the role of sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw famous on "Sex in The City," so aptly said, "People go to casinos for the same reason they go on blind dates-hoping to hit the jackpot. But mostly, you just wind up broke or alone in a bar." But what if you don't? What if you get through... read more Sex and The Blind Date
August 30, 2005
byDavid Levinson
A friend's boyfriend returned from a trip to Rome recently with some strange news from his mother, the psychic. She told him that he would meet a man and fall in love, even though (as far as he knew) he was straight and hadn't ever once slept with a man (he knew this for sure). He took the news well and while in Rome... read more The Myth of Male Bisexuality
August 16, 2005
byDavid Levinson
Each day, in hospitals throughout the world, newborn baby girls take their first real breaths, screaming and crying as doctors cut the umbilical cord and nurses swaddle them in blankets, removing them from their mothers for the journey to the nursery. Newborn baby boys have one more procedure to endure before they too... read more Foreskin Restoration or Reverse Circumcision
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David Levinson is a young writer who has mastered all the elements that make up a classically structured short story: drama, suspense, humor, empathy
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