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Foreskin Restoration or Reverse Circumcision

by David Levinson
August 16, 2005
Foreskin Restoration or Reverse Circumcision
Each day, in hospitals throughout the world, newborn baby girls take their first real breaths, screaming and crying as doctors cut the umbilical cord and nurses swaddle them in blankets, removing them from their mothers for the journey to the nursery. Newborn baby boys have one more procedure to endure before they too are whisked away. For most, the process of circumcision ends that first day in the hospital, with the careful snipping away of the neonatal foreskin, a soft, pliable and easily discarded tissue surrounding and covering the glans penis. Based on religious persuasion and parental attitude, some circumcisions are postponed until the baby comes home. Jewish boys, for example, are circumcised eight days after birth, in a ritual known as a bris, which harkens back to Abraham and his son, Isaac, and the age-old covenant between man and God.

In America, land of free speech and freak expression, a growing movement has developed among men, adult and teenager alike, who are outraged by what they consider to be an outdated, insensitive and ultimately damaging process. These men, their numbers totaling in the upwards of 50,000 and more, feel cheated out of their foreskins and will do anything to get them back. Some resort to surgery, others to electrical tape and weights and still others to the constant stretching and suspension of the skin around the head of the penis-all in the hopes of restoring what was lost.

Foreskin restoration or, in some circles, reverse circumcision, is a delicate issue, both in the medical community, who caution against it, and the angry, forlorn foreskin-deficient men wandering the world whose cause has gone virtually unheard until recently. R. Wayne Griffith, a man at the epicenter of the restoring universe, went so far as to found the National Organization for the Restoration of Man (NORM), a nonprofit organization that now boasts chapters in eighteen states and six countries. According to an article in the Columbia News Service, an arm of the Columbia Journalism Review, "the majority of questions Griffith fields concern the various ‘tugging' techniques available to restorers." Griffith, who swears he's achieved full recovery of his foreskin, only wants to help men "find the stretching technique best suited for them," even if that technique, according to medical experts, can lead to major discomfort and trauma to the penis in general. But diehard, determined advocates of foreskin restoration see few alternatives to a life inadequately lived and still fewer drawbacks to "homemade solutions using strips of surgical tape attached to an elastic band or suspender."

Sadly, the results, when they come, are usually fruitless and as disappointing as walking around feeling less-than, as foreskin-deprived men have attested to. Usually, the process of restoration takes years and years and even then, most never see a thorough change, at least not enough of one to warrant the wear and tear put on the penis. Foreskin or not, sensitivity is wide-ranging and varies from individual to individual. Or, as Dr. Aline Zolbrod, a renowned sex therapist, said, "Sex is complicated and they [foreskin rehabilitators] might think the problem is with their foreskins, but for some of these guys, there might be something else going on." Like Zoldbrod, I wonder, pray tell, what that might be.

John M wrote:
February 02, 2006
"Sadly, the results, when they come, are usually fruitless and as disappointing as walking around feeling less-than, as foreskin-deprived men have attested to. Usually, the process of restoration takes years and years and even then, most never see a thorough change, at least not enough of one to warrant the wear and tear put on the penis." - Ive been restoring for 3 years now. I have never caused any 'wear and tear' on my penis. There is an expression in our circle - "skin cannot be forced, but it can be persuaded". Many men have successfully restored their foreskins. I am about half done. There has been a pronounced change in my sensitivity. My circumcision was so tight, my frenulum (what was left of it) would rip and bleed when I would masturbate. I would feel discomfort when I had an erection due to the tightness of skin. Foreskin restoration has completely changed my life. I now have more foreskin to work with and sex is entirely different. I used to have sex for 45 minutes before giving up, unable to orgasm. Now, sex is another world. People have told us that this change is "all in our heads", do some research online. Look at the texture of retored mens glands. Then come tell me there is no difference. My head is so sensitive now, I cannot touch it with my fingers except in the most soft of ways. Sex is another dimension now, noone has the right to have done this to me. The circumcisors of the world are butchers. Someday maybe, I will be lucky enough to have a child that will be complete and whole, and natural. I cannot wait. This article is ignorant, do more research before you post lies.
February 03, 2006
Dear John,

Thanks a bunch for enlightening me to your experience. And, not for nothing, but the research I did on the topic of foreskin restoration turned up little in the way of "persuasion" over "forced". It seems a matter of semantics to me at this point. I'm glad to hear that your experience has changed your life and that it has added another dimension to your sex. Your success story is duly noted.

Thanks for writing in,
Craig wrote:
January 21, 2006
My foreskin cannot retract to begin is actually attached to the underside. How do I correct that problem without losing my foreskin?. What are the drawbacks if any???
January 23, 2006
Hi, Craig. I can safely say that your best bet is to contact a urologist, a doctor who specializes in all things penile. He (or she) might be better able to assist you in making an educated decision about what to do. My guess is that it'd be a simple procedure, whereby an incision is made, separating the pesky inflexible skin from around the glans penis and liberating your foreskin altogether. As I am not a certified doctor, I can't tell you the drawbacks, if any. But it seems to me there wouldn't be any real drawbacks from releasing your foreskin and giving the head of your penis some fresh air.

For more information and to ask any questions, you can visit

Hope this helps,
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