April 24, 2007
byThe Butterfly Temptress

All too often I've heard myself or my female friends lamenting on the lack of romance in their relationships. We comment on our day to day grind of picking up laundry, getting the kids motivated, and trying to be the Superwoman we feel we need to be. At the end of the day, instead of simply falling into bed... read more

Speaking the Language of Love
April 05, 2007
byThe Butterfly Temptress
Growing up I was a huge fan of romance novels. Scantily clad women graced the covers and the inside of each novel was full of sex between the heroine and the man of her dreams. At the end of the book when they finally end up together, the happily ever after ending everyone loves, was how the story really ended. You... read more The Disservice of Romance Novels
March 20, 2007
byThe Butterfly Temptress
Do you know the difference between sex and intimacy? If you're like me, they probably go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other, right? Not at all. The difference between sex and intimacy is difficult to discern for most of us. Instead of focusing on sex, let's focus on intimacy instead.
Intimacy is a... read more
Increasing Intimacy
March 08, 2007
byThe Butterfly Temptress
Before I fell in love I explored my sexuality. I toyed with the idea of a one night stand and I wondered if I could be the kind of person who could have a friend with benefits. Various adult sites were visited and profiles were written to try each one on for size. I quickly realized that I wasn't the type to meet... read more Into The Swing
February 13, 2007
byThe Butterfly Temptress
How long have you been in your current relationship? For a minute, sit back and think about all the changes your love has endured. Perhaps the changes have been career changes or changes in the number of children and grandchildren. Maybe those changes are more traumatic, more difficult to handle than life's pleasant... read more Weathering The Winds of Change
Author:The Butterfly Temptress
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I'm someone who truly loves to write. I blog, journal, and freelance not because it's something to do but because it's what makes me happy. Until recently, writing was my life. I finally met the man of my dreams who is constantly making those dreams come true. Though we share an alternative lifestyle relationship (D/s), he did a very traditional thing and proposed on Christmas Eve. We're busy planning our wedding as well as raising a house full of children under the age of ten. Between love and life I'm also writing my memoirs and putting together an anthology of BDSM short stories. I love to hear from people who read my writing, whether they write to tell me they hate or they love it. Writing for EdenFantasys has hands down been the best thing for my writing, after falling in love. It keeps my creative juices flowing and the love light burning. My hope is that through the articles and stories I write people can find a bit of themselves. We all have questions about relationships and sexuality. EdenFantasys has made it possible for people to take those first steps towards increasing their sexual intimacy or those all-important steps to keep their sex lives going strong.