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The Morning After

by David Levinson
November 09, 2006
The Morning After
On the award-winning show, "Entourage," Eric's girlfriend, Sloan, has a friend in town visiting her. She's blond and hot and her name's Tory. She looks and sounds a little like Cameron Diaz, but she's prettier, if you can believe it. Gorgeous body, lots of curves, great smile. Sloan's not bad herself - the brunette version, with a big, winning smile, long hair, and slim hips.

So when Eric run's into Sloan unexpectedly with his boys on one of their nights out, he's a little taken aback when Tory shows up as well. Turtle and Johnny vie for Tory's affections all night, only to call her an "ice queen" later. But that same night, Sloan calls Eric tipsy and high and says that Tory thought Eric was cute. When she passes the phone to Eric, Tory then says, "We want to have a three-way with you."

Eric sits there, mesmerized and dazed, a wry little smile on his face. When he hangs up the phone, Turtle and Drama ask what that was all about and Eric tells them that Sloan and Tory want to have a threesome with him. Which of course elicits guffaws and holy shits from the boys.

Eric goes through with it, but in the morning, he awakens with his arms around Tory, not Sloan and this sparks ensuring confusion - mainly in Eric.

If you've ever been involved in a threesome, chances are you know exactly what Eric's going through. The elation that comes during sex with your girlfriend and her best friend might not be as fulfilling as the confusion that comes later. Because there will be confusion, make no mistake.

As Vince told Eric just before he left to meet the girls, "Your loyalty is to your girlfriend. You have to make sure she's your priority."

And while Eric made sure of this - at least off camera, in the morning sunlight, in Sloan's big king-size bed, he awoke hugging this third person, this stranger, rather than Sloan, his girlfriend, someone he loves and respects. Which is not to say that he still doesn't love and respect Sloan - though one has to wonder why he does exactly - but threesomes can sometimes release all sorts of surprising and uncharted feelings.

If you're planning a threesome, be aware that jealousies are unavoidable, on both sides, simply because someone always feels cold-shouldered and left out. Even in the greatest situations, a threesome can only bring out the worst in you and your partner and though they're fun while happening, they're often much more trouble than their worth.

Eric will have a lot of explaining to do in the morning, to Sloan, but mainly to himself, since the look on Tory's face, when she realized Eric was beside her, was not only repugnant, but also priceless. And Eric has to ask himself, like any one of us who've been in that precarious place, Was it worth it? Would I ever do it again?

If the answer is yes, chances are good you're just not in the right relationship. Because, let's face it, one woman - or one guy - ought to be enough, unless we're just not easily satisfied. Right?

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Author:David Levinson
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"David Levinson is a young writer who has mastered all the elements that make up a classically structured short story: drama, suspense, humor, empathy. There are no fancy pyrotechnics or meta-fictional devices here. He's a neo-traditionalist so the stories are direct, emotional and compulsively readable, plus there's enough mystery and action in them to propel at least a dozen novels."<br>Bret Easton Ellis