June 20, 2007
byTiggr d'Amore

Can sexual fantasies and real-life experiences be built on one or just a few of the senses? What about sex without smell or silent sex? What about intentional sensory deprivation to heighten sexual awareness? Is deprivation helpful or hindering to achieve maximum sexual excitement, performance, and response? Or are... read more

Senseless Sex?: Sensory Deprivation
May 21, 2007
byTiggr d'Amore

Sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch. How do our senses affect not only our real-life sexual experiences but also our fantasies? Can fantasies be built on only one or two of the senses, rather than all five? Do our senses contribute positively to our real-life sexual experiences? Does a certain gaze or scent... read more

Sensational Sex: How the Senses Affect Our Experiences
May 10, 2007
byTiggr d'Amore

Have you ever wondered what sex will be like in ten, or twenty, or fifty years? Think about it. Technological advances in the digital era have not only improved and exponentially expanded the sex toy market but also afforded us countless opportunities for interactive, sexual play without even leaving the relative... read more

All Fantasy, All the Time?
Author:Tiggr d'Amore
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