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Anal Sex Toy Misconceptions

Most discomforts during anal sex toy masturbation or anal penetration stem from insufficient arousal prior to beginning anal sex play. The anus, like the vagina, needs to be properly aroused and lubricated so that your muscles relax to make sex toy or other penetration easier.

Sex Toys Anthology Part II (Vibrators)

There's an interesting history behind the item we call nowadays "vibrator". Find out more about the thrilling story of the most popular sex toy.

The Invention of Sexuality, Heterosexuality, and Homosexuality

Being a taboo and a sin in the past, we discuss openly about our sexuality now. See how it got to the present situation and what it's been like in the past.

Sex Toys Anthology Part I (Adult Toys)

Every object on this planet has a history. Vibrators and dildos aren't an exception. Find out the retrospective facts behind the modern days sex toys.