Anal Sex Toy Misconceptions

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Myth #1: It is not normal to put sex toys or a penis into your anus.
No, it's absolutely normal and unbelievably pleasurable to play with anal sex toys or to enjoy anal masturbation. Children often play with their anus as part of their self-discovery process (read any of Freud's work or medical texts) and are pressured to stop the behavior by their parents as it does not conform to imposed social standards. The anus is filled with many blood vessels and nerve endings that are very perceptive to touch and to penetration, which makes sex toys and the insertion of a partner's body parts a natural way to enjoy anal masturbation. Remember there is nothing wrong with experiencing pleasurable sensations. When using anal sex toys or body parts for anal masturbation ensure the mutual pleasure of anal sex by verifying that everything is safe and consensual, especially if you're sharing sex toys with a partner.

Myth #2: If a man desires anal sex toy masturbation or penetration, that means he's gay.
This is 100% not true! Being homosexual has nothing to do with enjoying anal masturbation play, but rather with whom it is done. A heterosexual man can engage in any type of anal play with or without sex toys, and not be gay. If a man is engaging in anal masturbation or anal sex with a woman that attracts him, he is by definition heterosexual because he is attracted to women, not men. Homosexual men engage in all sexual activities with men because they are attracted to men and not women. Being homosexual is not defined by enjoying anal stimulation, anal sex or anal masturbation, it is purely a state of mind and a state of attraction.

Myth #3: The anus is unclean and messy to play with.
This misconception is, unfortunately, so popular that it has become the main reason for which most people shirk anal play, anal masturbation or anal dildo play. If you are concerned about cleanliness take a shower or bath before engaging in anal masturbbation, anal sex or anal sextoy play. Should cleanliness still be a concern, have you or your partner wear latex gloves, finger cots or condoms and this will keep you clean and your sex toys free from contact with any feces. Be sure to use condoms without nonoxynol-9 with a water soluble lubricant as latex products, lubricants or foams containing Nonoxynol-9 can be very irritating for anal sextoy or penetration play. Don't forget that feces are a natural body substance that will wash off you, your partner or your sextoy very easily with soap and water.

Myth #4: Anal sex toy play with a big dildo will be too painful.
N.B. Dildos come in many sizes and widths--some as slim as a finger--so any concerns over dildo size are illfounded.
However, concerns about pain during anal sex or penetration are aother matter. If anal sex toy play is done correctly there should be no pain. Just remember to proceed slowly, use lots of lube and relax so that you can enjoy pain-free anal sex toy masturbation.
Anal sex or anal sex toy masturbation is a pleasurable activity that you and your partner should work up to with time and patience because it is important to feel comfortable when experimenting with any new sex activities. Most discomforts during anal sex toy masturbation or anal penetration stem from insufficient arousal prior to beginning anal sex play. The anus, like the vagina, needs to be properly aroused and lubricated so that your muscles relax to make sex toy or other penetration easier. A lack of lubrication will cause great discomfort with anal play as the rectum, unlike the vagina and the penis, does not produce its own lubrication. There is no such thing as too much lube for anal sex play whether you are using sex toys or not.
Remember that anal tissues are very sensitive and do not respond well to the friction of a non lubricated toy, therefore it is recommended that you use an anal lube specially made for anal penetration with a thick consistency that makes the sex toy stay slick longer. Also some people try to do too much too soon: when you insert a sextoy, finger etc into someone's anus, it must be done slowly and with patience.

Myth #5: I can't play with anal sex toys because I have hemorrhoids.
Anal sex toy play should pose no problem as long as you're not experiencing a hemorrhoid flare up or discomfort. Just take it slow, keep it calm with no heavy duty sex toy thrusting, and communicate with your partner extensively during anal play. If you feel any pain whatsoever, stop immediately. If you have severe hemorrhoid flare-ups consult with your primary care physician before exploring anal sex play. When your primary care physician gives you the do-ahead, remember to use lubricant to make masturbation not only more pleasurable, but less chaffing for your sensitive anal tissues!

Myth #6: If I play with anal sex toys, I'll be in adult diapers when I get older.
The exact opposite would be the truth in this case. People who do not experience any kind of anal penetration, with or without sex toys, usually end up in adult diapers. As the anus is a muscle, the more you work it, the stronger it will get, just like all the other muscles in your body. Kegel exercises and using anal sex toys will help strengthen your anal muscles and prevent the embarassing loss of bowel control in old age.