Tie Me Up. Take Me Slow

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This is going to be your first ever instruction of the classic "Spread Eagle" position in a bondage play.

So, as King Elvis used to say: "A little less conversation and a little more action". Let's suppose you're an experienced bondage explorer and all your bondage sessions ended up without a slight injury. Let's also assume that there is a bond of mutual trust between you two, you have discussed which fantasy you are going to stylize and the spread-eagle position is a part of it. But what we are going to start with is a quick-quiz: (A) Would you like your dominated partner to lie face down or face up? (B) Would you like your dominated partner's arms tied together or wide spread? (C) Would you like your dominated partner's legs tied wide spread or together? Classic "Spread Eagle" bondage position assumes having your partner lying face-up with both, legs and arms, wide spread, however, there are eccentric deviations from the original position and each of them come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

So, let's start with the original Classic Spread Eagle Position: The dominated partner lies facing up, arms and legs are spread apart. Advantages: Great access to his/her genital area, including inner thighs and perineum and what concerns the upper part of the body, it's under your full control: belly, navel, chest, nipples, armpits, neck and face. By putting a small cushion under the restrained partner's head and sit on top, you can fulfill your fantasy of a nasty cunnilingus or/and rimming (analingus) bondage exploration. In case if your sort of bondage play is negotiated and limited to "tie me up and tease me more" border, than this classic version should satisfy most of your desires and needs. Disadvantages: It's rather uncomfortable to go for a fellatio session for both partners, leaving aside the anal play, which requires some special "yoga" trainings to enjoy it, while having one of the partner's "eagle spread".
Nevertheless, several variations from the classic position do allow a stunning access to submissive partner's backdoor.

If male partner is the submissive one, than the female partner will have to keep patience as penetrative sex in this situation is also a dilemma, however solvable. If we take a view from another angle, and imagine that the woman is tied up, than the dominant man has same access to her vagina as an express train to a tunnel, so to say. The most appealing part of this bondage "Spread Eagle" position are masturbation delights. It is rather convenient as for givers as for receivers. Something you should know: according to several sources, where bondage masters and BDSM novices share their opinions, many men finds it difficult to ejaculate with their legs spread apart, although their partners do everything possible for that. Keep that in mind.

Basic variations, deviating from the original version of the given restrain position are as following: (a) arms wide spread and legs together; (b) arms tied together and legs wide spread; and (c) both, arms and legs, tied up together. More advanced forms of "Spread Eagle" bondage position are: arms wide spread and knees lifted and tied apart; legs wide spread whereas wrists tied behind the back; feet tied together and hands behind the back; and having the dominated partner tied up in the classic "Spread Eagle" position, leaving one hand loose for masturbation. All these restraining bondage techniques are going to be analyzed in two different articles devoted to BDSM play - one will deal with classic methods and approaches, while the second will follow up more twisted and sophisticated techniques.