Sex Guides and Tips
Latex and Silicone Sex Toys. Who is who?

The most popular materials used in manufacturing of sex toys. Learn more about the difference between latex and silicone and their main features.

Shopping therapy. Anal Toy Delights

For those looking to explore new sensual pleasures, anal penetration is the area they sooner or later get to. To make your exercises more thrilling and less disappointing, this guide will provide you with detailed information on how to choose the most appropriate beginner’s anal play toy. Taking seriously the aspect of comfort and pleasure, the author intended to make your anal toy shopping less intimidating and more effective.

Vibrating Adult Toys for Men. Types. Instructions. Preferences.

If you doubt that men could use some extra vibro power, then reconsider. This article will open your eyes and show you how vibrating sex toys can help men experience more pleasure during sex. Whether you're with your lover or just playing solo, there are many handy toys to make shiver with joy. Cock rings, vibro sleeves, pump systems – a wide selection of men's sex toys on the market isn’t there for nothing.

Lubricants. Everything you've got to know about them

What do I intend to do and what lube should I use? This guide is a concise description of the basic types of lubricants and the domains of their use.

Guide to Lesbian and Female Sex Toys

Having only ladies in mind, this guide is aimed to highlight the most prevalent female-oriented sex toys on the market. If you are for some girl-on-girl fun, or just curious about such a type of sex games, then this article will be of a great help to enrich your knowledge on the subject. Learn how girls share fun, using specially designed sex toys.

Buyer's Guide Vibrators

Stop hesitating and get the thing you want right now. If you have some problems with choosing a vibrator, or are just curious, this guide will help you enrich your knowledge on vibes, their peculiarities, types of materials used etc. Be fully prepared for your joy-packed buying experience.

Buyer's Guide Harnesses

Ready for some role-playing fun but still don't know what toy to play with? This guide will help you find the harness you need for your nasty games. An article aimed to enrich your knowledge about different types of harnesses, strap-on dildos and expand the concept of gender bending. Don?? hesitate ? enjoy!

BDSM Guide

If you are ready to enter the thrilling world of Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, and Sadomasochism (BDSM), this guide will help you with your first steps. Learn how great adding a little (or a lot) of spice to your sexual practices can be. Explore various toys, BDSM-accessories and the main rules of these mind-sizzling games

Anal Toys and Anal Pleasure

Make your first steps into the world of backdoor fun. Learn more about the general aspects of anal sex, the physiology of the process as well as special toys that will make your sensuous experience more exciting and enjoyable. These comprehensive guides are created to make your games safer and more pleasurable.

Guide To Materials

For those who are curious and want to know more about the toys they are playing with, this guide will enrich your competence of the most used sex toy materials. Be confident and relaxed when playing with your favorite vibrator or sharing some strap-on fun. Knowledge means safety,

G-Spot 101 Guide

The mysterious, yet very realistic G-spot - a term that changed the definition of pleasure and orgasm for many women - is it true or not? This guide is created for helping you find the G-spot, learn how to enjoy and stimulate it, and teach your lover of using it too. Find out all about special G-spot toys and the ways this little part of your body could give you the best sex experience in your life.

The Facts on Phthalates and Sex Toys

Have you ever been turned down by the horrible plastic smell, when unwrapping a newly-arrived sex toy? And the itchy sensation when using it? If you want to know the name of your enemy ? these are Phthalates. Find out more about these chemicals, their application and use in the sex toy industry. It could concern your health.

Deep Throat Diaries

I want to be able to deep throat my partner…I have accomplished it before using a desensitizing cream to numb my throat. However, a product specialist at turned me away from that…informing me of the health risks…That was enough incentive for me to learn how to perform au natural.

A Handy-Dandy Guide to Penis Pumps: For Men (and those who put up with us)

Do you sometimes feel inadequate? Two out of every three men believe their penis size to be below average. Expert Dr. Dick will help you educate yourself on one of the most popular modern penis enhancement products, the penis pump. This often misunderstood tool is explained in detail in our guide, as well as the anatomy of an erection, pumping techniques and the historical and cultural aspects of penis enlargement.

Sex and Disability

People with mental and physical disabilities are rarely viewed as sexual beings. Their sexual needs and desires are rarely discussed and explored. However, it's important to think about them and help them live healthy sexual lives. This article focuses specifically on physical differences and offers helpful tips and sex toy ideas for disabled people. Whatever your level of ability, you can experience some variety of sexual enjoyment.

Gender 101

Are you a man or woman? Assume everyone else is too? Gender (as opposed to biological sex) is not the straightforward either/or that it seems to be. Whether you fall firmly into one of the two former categories, or somewhere else entirely, this article will guide you through the nuances and joys of multiple gender expressions. Written by Sinclair Sexsmith, who identifies as a queer butch top - if you do not know what that means right now, you will by the time you are done reading!

Green sex toys

Let’s take a look at a few of the more eco-friendly toys out there, and how green is the new color of getting off.

Gifts on budget

Consider this: for the cost of one night out for dinner and a movie, you can have oodles and oodles of fun indoors – and for far, far longer than just one night! Because when it comes to sex, you and yours really CAN get off on a budget!

Gifts for her

Choosing a sex toy for your girlfriend or spouse requires more thought than something like a sweater. Think about it; this is going to be inside of her—you wouldn’t put just anything in there, would you?? Don’t sweat it my boy because I am going to give you the tips you need to help you choose a sex toy for your gal that she will not only love but thank you for over and over and over again!

Christmas dreams

As you probably know, we at EdenFantasys recently held a community-wide contest. The theme of the contest was ‘What I Want for the Holidays’ – in the form of sex toys, of course. The following three entries were voted by the community to be the best of the bunch, and we can’t argue one bit with their good taste.

Valentine's Day Shopping Guide

Yes, it's the time of pitch-crooned balladry, of last-minute lurches through the deathly hallows of the neighborhood Hallmark store. It is the time of rosewater and sugar, champagne and strawberries. It is when even the groundhogs are slipping into the body-stocking of their amorous shadows (and stocking up on fur-sensitive lube).