Lubricants. Everything you've got to know about them

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If a sex toy is somehow easier to choose, thanks to their classifications, then selecting the proper lubricant may confuse even some experienced players. Reading the descriptions may take too long and the ingredients lists, with all those formulas of organic and non-organic chemistry, says nothing to an English-speaking person. Water-based, silicone-based, oil-based, petroleum-based... what the hell??? Let's take a deep breath and try to focus a bit on this article that is going to to provide you with basic guidelines in choosing a good lubricant.

Besides making your masturbation and adult toys feel more lifelike, lubricants also make frictions less rough, thus making the sex toys or/and fingers contact more pleasurable. Though human bodies produce their own "love liquids", some times it's taking too much time or the quantity is not sufficient. Water-based and silicone-based lubes are the ideal natural help to your love games as an addition to your personal genuine fluids of love. As lubricants, nowadays, are available in a various range of colors, consistencies and flavors, it is better to experiment by trying different types of them.

First of all, what you have to do, is trying to figure out what do you need a lubricant for? Are you going to use it for sex toys fun, solo play or for intercourses with your partner? Are you going to use it in your bedroom or in the bathroom? Is it for vaginal penetration? Is it for anal fun? Maybe, masturbation? Anyway, after you have answered all these, you're half way done finding the lube you need. Basically, there are two types of lubricants: water-based, water soluble, and oil-based, made of natural ingredients.

The consistence of water soluble lubes is much thinner than consistence of oil-based ones but their main advantage is their universality. They can go with all types of sex toys, no matter whether it's a latex toy or a silicone one, and for all kinds of sex play, masturbation, vaginal foreplay or anal fun.

A large variety of water-based lubricants are made of different colors and flavors just to be more appealing for the consumers.
In case you're seeking for a universal lube, acceptable for all purposes: sex toys use, intercourses, both vaginal and anal, masturbation, you should definitely choose a water-based one. Although being gifted with a nice smell and even taste, flavored lubricants in which list of ingredients you can find sugar, can easily affect vagina's pH of a woman and make it less resistant to infections and yeast bacterias. Remember, those lubricants which have a strong flavor of a fruit, like kiwi, strawberry or lime, should be applied only upon the skin and not genitals. However, there are outstanding water-based lubricants intended for penetration. Ultra Wet Lube for all type of sex play, including anal fun and sex toy play, Natural Anal Lube for delightful moments of anal play and, finally, the Instant Hand-Job Lube, intended for... you know it better.

Now it's time to dig the pros and cons of the oil-based lubricants. First to be mentioned are their natural ingredients, like nut oils or vegetable oils. They are perfect for male and female masturbation and anal play as well. Although all of them are safe to be used for penetration and besides the fact that many women find them less irritating, their main disadvantage is their capacity to leave stains on fabrics, which eventually are kind of difficult to be removed. Another discomfort that is related to oil-base lubes, they cannot be used with latex products, such as diaphragms, cervical caps and condoms.

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