Anal Toys and Anal Pleasure Sex Guides and Tips
by Double D, aka Delilah Douglas


This guide to anal toys will address the products as well as anatomy, health concerns, and techniques of anal pleasure.
Anal Taboos
To put it simply; anal penetration should never be painful, if it is then something is wrong. It is one of the most intensely pleasurable forms of sexual activity, if you learn to do it correctly. In our culture there is not a lot of accessible information about anal sex and how to have it safely.
Men and women have very similar anal structures. The anatomical aspects of the butt which are not completely paralleled in the opposite sex have counterparts that are located and stimulated comparably. Because our asses are relatively identical, we all can enjoy the same kind of stimulation and reach similar levels of pleasure during anal play.
Health & Hygiene
You have the power to obliterate the "dirty myth" about anal sex by simply cleaning up a bit before you engage in anal play. Start by defecating; I know, easier said than done. You really don't have much control over the time you need to poop, but you can be vigilant about going to the bathroom as soon as you feel the urge.
Lubes and Lubrication

Toys and Items. Part 1

Lubrication is ESSENTIAL for pleasurable, healthy, pain-free anal play. The rectum does produce a mucosal lining to assist in defecation, but this is nowhere close to satisfactory for back-door pleasure.
Anal Beads. Butt Plugs.

Toys and Items. Part 2

Anal beads and products inspired by them are some of my favorite toys. These are classified by a series of beads (which can be made of a variety of different materials) attached to one another by short lengths of rope or plastic material.
A butt plug is a simple yet amazing toy. Its sole purpose is getting into your pants, getting comfortable, and hanging out for a while. A plug fits inside the ass just past the sphincters which hold the toy in place.
Prostate/ G-Spot Anal Toys. Anal Dildos.

Toys and Items. Part 3

Curved toys for anal play are primarily designed for prostate stimulation. The anal stimulation points in men and women are similar for the prostate and the G-Spot. Dildos (dongs) compatible with anal penetration are curved and have a flared base (flange) to prevent losing the toy in your butt. A flange can simply flare out at the bottom or can have testicles at the base.
Books and Resources
It's always useful to grab a book, and get to know more about something before you actually try it. Especially when you're engaging in something very intimate and sensuous like anal sex. With this collection of special educational literature we are offering you a list of resources you can enrich your sexual expertise with. Be confident and enjoy your safe anal practices.
Advice from Double D. Bend Over Boyfriend
If you've faced the problem of how to engage in a strap-on on sex with your partner, take an advice from our sexspert, Double D. Knowing how to offer and how to act may help you experience new sides of sexual satisfaction. See what a competent person has to offer.