Anal Toys and Anal Pleasure Sex Guides and Tips
Anal Sex

This guide to anal toys will address the products as well as anatomy, health concerns, and techniques of anal pleasure.


Finally! You have decided to get off your ass and get into anal pleasure; I (Double D) could not be prouder.

You get gold stars for:
Being adventurous:
Curiosity allegedly "killed" the cat, but satisfaction brought back one satisfied feline!
Ignoring erroneous anal rumors:
The ass could sue its misinformed opposition for "defamation of character," and win. Way to look past negative smear tactics!
Thrifty initiative:
You chose Eden Fantasys as your source for anal toys and your wallet will be glad you did.
Educating yourself:
The sensibility to read a guide about anal toys to assist in your product selection and pursuit of pleasure.

A+, Smart Ass!

In this guide I will address the anatomy, health concerns, variety of toys, and techniques available for your anal pleasure. I will first address and, hopefully dispel, the taboos that have given anal play a notoriously bad reputation.