Harness Guide

Sex Guides and Tips
by Fanny Price


Harnesses 101
Why you'd want to use dildo harnesses? Because it opens you the door to a differently new and very rich dimension of sexuality. Whether you're planning some gender bending, having some problems with his stiff or want to go into some serious girl-on-girl action, the harnesses will be an essential element of your games. You'll be blown away by the numerous possibilities these simple sex devices offer you.
How to choose a harness and strap-on that's right for you
Choosing the most appropriate harness could be crucial for enjoying your strap-on experience, especially if you're just stepping into this new ground of sex fun. For avoiding inconveniences on the very stage of harness shopping, this guide gives you detailed information on the most widespread harness styles and materials used. Be fully prepared for the ride, you pleasure depends on it.
Choosing a strap-on dildo
Now that you've chosen the most appropriate dildo harness, it's time to see what makes the strap-on games so exciting. Selecting the dildo for your harness is a crucial moment that will define your overall strap-on play pleasure. Be in full control of the situation and know what will serve you good.
Harnesses and men
The most common misconception about harnesses is that if men are enjoying them they are automatically gay. See why this is totally false and how men can enjoy strap-on play with their partners. Know how exciting it is to indulge your sexual fantasies and learn how actually to do it. This guide is fore those who dare explore new sexual horizons.