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What is a harness?

In short, dildo harnesses are devices designed to secure a dildo to the harness wearer to enable penetration, but as you will soon see, there are countless variations on the types of harnesses and ways to use them; so let's get right into the reasons for and benefits of using a harness.

Advantages of using a harness

From exploring alternate personas to gender bending, a sturdy and reliable harness is a crucial companion for the ride, and one that's entirely self-reliant; So whether you'd like to try getting bent over by your girlfriend for a change, if your man's having a little trouble getting it up (to be perfectly frank) or if you're declaring your independence from men altogether - the list of uses just goes on and on, but more on that later, - harnesses will prove a dependable "bedroom accessory" that can work independently of batteries and men, and all while leaving your hands free to do a little probing themselves... ;)

Genderbending ED Alternate personas
Genderbending ED Alternate personas

On top of that, many men and women prefer a harness mechanism when pleasuring their lover because using a strap-on dildo with their hips, as opposed to with their hands, gives them more leverage.

However, there are, as always, certain exceptions to the rules; some harnesses are designed specifically for men, and some harnesses, like the Vibrating velvet harness, have bullet stimulator pouches and do in fact use batteries. In fact, harnesses don't even have to be worn around the waist; case in point: Rachel's tool chest is worn around - you guessed it - the chest, and the advantage there, besides the thrill of trying out new positions, is the front row view of the action if presents. So abandon whatever preconceived notions you might have about harnesses, because the only activities you can't do with them are the ones you can't think of.

Do your homework

Knowing the facts about harnesses before introducing them to your partner will help make them feel more comfortable about the idea.

The task of broaching the subject with your partner (if you're a newcomer to strap-on play) and then finding a harness that you like (let alone one that's comfortable and fits) can seem a little daunting. But you can relax; we're going to tell you everything you need to know to get started with our comprehensive but straightforward guideline.

So let's get right into the "meat and potatoes:" choosing a harness that's right for you. Then we'll run the other bases - from introducing the idea to your partner and fantasy role play, to hygiene and safety issues. So find a seat and face the chalkboard - it's harnesses 101.