Guide to Lesbian and Female Sex Toys

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If you are not a lesbian or have never tried such kind of love games with female lover, you just can imagine what they really wish to achieve in their sexual relationship. Of course, the fantasy may prompt millions of tips for their love making and the ways to achieve the ultimate pleasure. And not the last place in this process is taken by sex toys that can substitute in some cases male cocks. Some sex shops and online stores offer the special category called sex toys for lesbians including a number of devices that may be helpful for lesbian couples.

Generally speaking lesbians are females and sex toys for them should be sought in the section of female sex toys. Here are a small guide that will help you to know what sex toys are better suitable and what sexual games they can accompany.

Vibrators and dildos

These are the most commonly used sex toys that are the real rescue for humans and their partners without such love tools as penises. There is no any doubt that "penetrating sex" is pleasurable and exciting and the whole range of sensations can be achieved by vaginal or anal insertion. Any woman's sexual response will be enhanced by stimulating her inside erogenous zones. Vibrators and dildos are the best suitable sex toys for that. The variety of vibrators on the market is enormous and sometimes it is quite hard to choose.

What for? For anal or vaginal penetration and for double vaginal penetration during the lesbian plays.

Special device: Lesbian may use double-ended vibrators and dildos intended for double penetration that give more opportunities for diversifying their sexual life. Indeed, it could be much excited to feel the vibrating pleasure simultaneously and also reach orgasmic bliss together.


Harness is a very convenient device that looks like a piece of gear or underwear with or without straps firmly holding a vibrator or dildo and worn on the waist or any other part of the body.
Lesbians often use them in their erotic explorations. There are harnesses that give the pleasure to both partners during use: for example, those that are equipped by arousers for clitoral stimulation of the wearer. This is the most interesting model of harness that brings the endless possibilities to both partners.

What for? For imitation of the normal heterosexual intercourse.

Special device: Double-ended dildo harnesses allows also the double stimulation of the both female partners at the same time. There are also some variants for anal penetration of the wearer.

BDSM Accessories

Bondage accessories are nice companions for the diversified lesbian games and for role adventures. The roles of dominant and submissive partners can give a range of excited moments and explore the hidden dimensions of their sexuality. BDSM games allow the players to get rid of taboos and prejudices in the bed, but this kind of games is mostly the matter of taste. Such accessories as masks, whips, cuffs, gags, collars, bondage gear, clamps, etc. help to receive much more gratification in role-playing.

What for? For special experience during erotic games and foreplays with role-playing.

Special device: There is no any special BDSM device intended exclusively for females, but perhaps female bondage gear is not used by men. The most popular is cat suit made usually of the comfortable shine black latex material that accentuates the beauty of the female body making her much more desirable and seductive.