What's The Buzz? A Guide To Vibrators

Sex Guides and Tips
by Fanny Price


Fanny Says
Take a hint from a sexpert. Like any other object in this world, vibrators have their story too. Isn't it exciting to see how these toys evolved into sometimes works of art that they are today? A general guide for those who want to know more about vibrators and most common vibrator misconceptions.
Vibrator Materials
With so many vibrators on the market, stating that the material they are made of is the "most" and "ultra", it's easy enough to get confused. Thankfully there are people who make guides like this, which want to aid you in your venture to knowledge and pleasure. Discover what vibrators are made of nowadays and learn more about the main features of the most widespread materials used.
Types Of Vibrators
Vibrators have long ago become more than just plain old dildos with vibes. To see how the most popular sex toy has evolved, check out this guide. See what's new and what's hot in the developing domain of vibrators and discover the main types of vibes on the market. You'll be surprised by the fact how many ways of giving yourself the pleasure there are.
If you have thought traditional, you're in for a surprise. There are so many pleasure toys on the market, which just don't fit to the ordinary vibrators category that a guide to these exotic specimens will be obviously helpful. Discover new types of toys that are to shake your conceptions of pleasure and fun, widening your sexual horizons. Often exotic is very close to erotic.
Care And Feeding Of Your Vibrator
Like any other tool, vibrators need some care too. This article is aimed to enrich your knowledge on how to get the most of your sex toy and enjoy its functionality for a long time. All in all it's the thing that'll go inside you, so you're caring about your own pleasure and safety. Discover simple tips on how to make your vibe last long enough and enjoy its work to the max.