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Banning The Sale Of Sex Toys

A recent decision of the Washington Supreme Court to keep the Alabama's ban on sex toy distribution has raised a wave of social disputes in the US. Is it a right thing to do or a little over the top? This article is aimed to highlight the most important details of this event as well as to depict some conclusions from the author.

Talking Cock big hit at Fringe Festival

A perky and humorous reply to the famous Vagina Monologues. The pecker also has something to say.

Gay, bisexual men have 3x higher suicide risk

Winners at business, losers in bed. There are some competitions that aren't so easy to beat.

Hypercompetitive people make bad partners

Scientists reveal some interesting facts. See how your sexual orientation can be linked to suicide risk.

Hot laptop burns scientist's penis

Now there's some hot work going on for someone. Read more about how you can "burn" at work.

Scientist mines 16th century text for P-spot

There's more than just the G-spot to make the female orgasm secret chamber. Learn what is still to be revealed.