Talking Cock big hit at Fringe Festival

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The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is gaining stature as an alternative venue for avant-garde arts. And one of the big stories this year is Talking Cock, a one-man show by British comedian Richard Herring inspired by the Vagina Monologues. Herring published a questionnaire on the Internet asking men about their relationships to their penises and their sexual anxieties. He fashioned the 3,000-plus responses into the sellout show.
Herring wanted the show to be humorous to counterpoint the seriousness of the Vagina Monologues. Among the responses to the questionnaire, Herring reports that -- 35% of men admitted to faking an orgasm 96% of women feel the penis is `their friend` 25% of women admit to having laughed at the size of their partner`s penis says Herring, the penis is not a battering ram but a drawbridge that brings us together.