The quickest way from spot A to G-spot

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Tempting, hypnotic and in a way mystical, the most secret treasure in a woman's body. The G-spot. If the gold-digger (the man) finds it, then he discovers the nucleus of woman's sexual pleasure and the Northern Star of his sexual adventures. However, plenty of "love-diggers" stop at the very beginning, just as they reached the first shining lay, the clitoris, asking themselves: "Why would I need to go further? - I got the gold". There is nothing more beautiful than a woman dancing in the agony of ecstasy, while the clitoris is just the first door to the ultimate pleasure. So, keep digging, till your reach the Golden-Spot.

The attention attached to clitoris is way too exaggerated. No, no, no, don't get me wrong, I feel happy being a woman and being the possessor of one, I'm in love with mine, but clitoris was being pampered by mass-media just like a rock-star. From my reflection, the "new era" of clitoris eclipsed the glazing glory of its room-mate, the G-spot. So, please girls and, especially boys, give a warm welcome back to the legendary G-spot.

It is indisputable, clitoris has got some strong reasons to be on top over its neighbor:

1. It's much easier to find. As ancient civilizations used to say: "All roads lead to Rome", in our case, all sexual roads on a woman's map of sensual spots lead to clitoris. Here, in Los Angeles, if by the time you go to college, you don't know where clitoris is, then SHAME ON YOU. If we look at the situation from the other angle, leaving men aside for a couple of moments, most ladies find the clitoris within the 5 minutes, while spending their time with themselves. And what made, and still makes, clitoris so popular, is mass-media. Just think of Sex and the City. It's kind of hard to imagine, how would the sex life of a modern woman be without it.

Now, let's take a trip to the G-spot. Of course it is quite an adventure for many to find it at once, even for some ladies. The most important thing, when you pack up your luggage before a trip to G-spot, is relaxing and picturing yourself that you're just going to see an old friend of yours and not going to pass a job interview, where you've got one vital aim, to get it. You might miss the right "turn" during your first trip but you are going to love the journey once you know the road.

2. What's indubitable about clitoris is the fact that it does exist, while there are still debates about the existence of the G-spot. From the biological point of view it does exist. Believe me - been there, done that. I was even attending special courses, where besides theory, I had the chance to make some practice on a detailed model of woman's genitals. Anatomically, G-spot is nothing else than a soft tissue of cells, situated 2 inches inside, on the front wall of vagina.
The most simple and common way to stimulate it, is the "come hither" finger move. What? Feeling kind of disoriented? Don't give up, all your doubts and anxieties will vanish once you try it in practice.

So, you, over there! Yes YOU! Stop staring and beating about the bush (I'm sorry mister president), get some books on sexual education to please your woman. It's enough of being a Junior League player. Praise the G-spot and make yourself comfortable in the Major League and start gaining the reputation of an MVP.

3. Stimulating clitoris is a piece of cake. If stimulating clitoris is just as easy as reading a comic book, so to say, then in order to receive first feedbacks from G-spot you should, at least, read a couple of chapters from a manual of quantum physics. Everyone knows that formula "Clit + Vibrator = Orgasm" is as real as "2 + 2 = 4". Now let's add a new component along, the G-spot. It doesn't make it more complicated to solve, vice-verse, it makes it more pleasurable. Choose a double action vibrator, just like my favorite one, Patchy Paul. Nice and humble, besides a lovely clit tickler it's equipped also with a curved end, that is PERFECT for G-spot stimulation, to feel the difference. From then on you'll divide time in two parts: before a double vibe and after it. Just a small example: about a month ago, a friend of mine, let's call her Trisha, fed up with the "crazy orgasms" that her boyfriend a.k.a. Sex Guru was giving her every time she wanted, she decided she had enough of that and bought her a new friend, you name its name - it's Paul again. After a few solo trainings she presented it to her boyfriend and in a few weeks he recovered his nickname of Sex Guru.

What? Still confused about trying a G-spot vibrator? Still asking yourself where the heck is this spot G? Well, it's easy, believe me it is. Maybe, you're still confused because you've heard too many versions of where it is situated but it has one and the same place, just like a nose, it will always be between the eyes and above the mouth. So, in order to make your women feel happy, you take two lubed fingers (no nails please) and slowly slip them inside the "Cave of Miracles" with your finger prints facing up, you'll feel the little bump (and your woman will surely let you know about that with her deep sighs a moans). Its texture somehow is similar to the roof of the mouth. You'll find it, I'm sure.

So, when she lying on her back, facing up, make her say this evening something like: "mmmmmm.... ohh, uhhh... right there, yes, yeas, YES!" rather than: "Honey, did you know the ceiling needs painting?".