A good lube is better than any toy.

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From the gleaming myriad of sex lubricants it's just impossible to find the "perfect" one just like that, on the spot. All the manufacturers claim their lubes are the best on the market, so, finding a good one can become a real pain in the... elbow. This article is going to open your eyes and reveal you some quite interesting information about the available lubes, so, you don't loose your head in all this sticky mess.

The most important thing, before choosing a lubricant, is to identify its purpose. Is it for vaginal sex? Backdoor fun? For adult toys or for solo play? When you come up with an answer we can continue. Lubricants, as a rule, are being created based on three core formulas: silicone-based lubricants, very popular among consumers thanks to its versatility and waterproof feature, water-based, similar to the silicone-based version but as you can understand, it's not waterproof, otherwise a real bargain and, finally, petroleum-based lubes, the best thing for anal sex.

There are no better lubricants, than silicone-based ones, for the tube fun. Hot water, foam bubbles, a couple of aroma therapy candles and of course a waterproof sex toy. Put some silicone lube onto it and jump in. Another, quite interesting, fact about silicone lube is its unique lifespan. It lasts much longer than an average water lubricant and can be revived by simply moisturizing it, either with a drop of water or with your saliva. Remember, unlike some water-based lubes, silicone-based do not absorb into the adult toy and, also, do not evaporate. Cleaning your sex toys from silicone lube, as well as yourself, will take some time. Usually it goes pretty quick with a soapy wash.

Water-based lubricants are universal. They can be used for any naughty purposes that you have on your mind. Water-based lubes are much thinner than their oil-based neighbor but can be used on all types of sex toys, regardless of their textures. Many of them are flavored, which is nice from one hand, fragrance, while from the other hand, you shouldn't be using flavored lubes for penetration purposes as they contain glycerin that can easily alter the pH of the female vaginal tract, thus making her weaker and less potent to resist the attacks of bacterias and infections. Hence, whenever you feel the smell of a tropical fruit, an exotic flower or some sweet berries, remember, they are not for penetration. On the other side, these lubricants are perfect for licking them off of your mate - nipples, hips, inner thighs and more delicious places. Nevertheless, there is a couple of marvelous lubes for penetration practice as well, for example Astroglide and/or Moist Personal Lubricant Gel.
They can also go with any sex toy available, you name it, either it's a cock ring or a masturbator sleeve, either it's a vibrator or a dildo. As it was mentioned before, water-based lubes are your perfect companion for any types of sex fun, also for "backdoor fun". Such lubricants as Rear Entry Anal Lube contain desensitizers, which make anal penetration painless. Water-based lubes are essential for adult toys made of silicone, whereas silicone-based lubes are strictly recommended to keep away from silicone sex toys. Paradoxically but fact, silicone toys can't go together with silicone-based lubes, as micro beads in silicone structure rub against each other and start destroying the texture.

So, in order to keep a long lifespan to your top-favored silicone toys stick with a lubricant based on water formula and keep a bottle of silicone lubricant handy in case you're moving the fun to the bathroom.

However, one of the most important feature that makes water-based lubes so popular - there's no clean-up mess. A rinse of warm water is enough to get the job done. Nevertheless, as you remember, if you want some fun with a silicone toy in the tube, there's no use of a water-based lube, it will simply dissolve in water.

Finally, we've reached the compartment with petroleum-based lubricants. Being much thicker than water-based and silicone-based lubricants, they are ideal choice for non-latex anal toys and anal penetration in general. Do not use this type of lubes with any latex products as it deteriorates them shortly after the first contact. Petroleum-based lubes can also be used for male masturbation, whereas it is not recommended to apply them on female genitals as it irritates vagina tissues. Thus, petroleum-based lubes are not quite the thing for intercourses or any adult toys supposed for vaginal penetration.

Before we say goodbye, I'd like you to know that these 3 types of lubricants are not the only ones available on the market. Oil-based lubricants, another splendid product, made of natural ingredients, mostly out of vegetable oils, are sure to decorate any of your fabric with love stains, thus be very careful. Though, washing them off can become a real problem, their foremost advantage is bing appropriate for both vaginal and anal intercourse. Similar to petroleum-based oils they destroy latex cells, thus avoid using them with latex and rubber adult toys, diaphragms, condoms and cervical caps. Best to use during "backdoor" play, vaginal intercourse and female and male masturbation.