Who Me? A Sex Toy?

Sex Guides and Tips
In a society where sexual pleasure and guilt are firmly linked, it's not surprising that sex toys have not become approved dinner table conversation. Naturally sex toy play would be best if sex toy play could be enjoyed without feelings of guilt. Adult sex toys should require no justification; sex toys are pleasure for pleasure's sake. Sex toys offer us a unique opportunity to explore our bodies in new and exciting ways. There should be no feelings of guilt or shame in exploring your body with the help of sex toys. You'll no doubt discover more about your individual sexual desires and you will also most likely discover new erogenous zones you never thought of. Sex toys are simply a safe and exciting gateway to pleasure.

Fantasies form a large part of our lives: we fantasize about winning the lottery or about the future. Why should fantasizing about sex or sex toys be any different? For people in a monogamous relationship it's often difficult to explore sexual fantasies and remain faithful to your partner in doing so. Sex toys offer the opportunity to indulge in your fantasies in a completely safe environment as sex toys can be an extremely helpful addition to any loving relationship. Meeting and satisfying every facet of your partner’s desires is a nearly impossible task for one person to accomplish. Sex toys help by adding a new twist to your sexual ritual without complicating your relationships.

As we all know an uninspired or poor performance in the bedroom is never a welcome event. With the daily stresses of life, memorable or exciting sex can often take a back seat to more pressing matters.
So why not spice things up a bit? Sex toys can easily provide consenting adults with that extra love life kick or if you are single, sex toys can be a great source of stress relief. Adult sex toys are an excellent safe and exciting way to put the thrills back into your sex life.

Here’s something you never expected to hear: sex toys are good for you! Other than the obvious pleasure one would derive from sex toy self pleasuring, there are some interesting and well-documented health benefits associated with the use of sex toys. According to sex toy guides.com during menopause, most women experience some thinning of the vaginal wall and studies indicate that the regular use of a dildo can help to maintain vaginal tone. There is also evidence that regular ejaculation helps to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Extensive lines of male masturbator sex toys are especially suited to promoting the health of the prostate through regular masturbation and ejaculation. Women who experience difficulties in reaching orgasm can also benefit from the use of sex toys. Leading experts on female sexual dysfunction recommend the use of a vibrator sex toy to help overcome orgasmic difficulty.

So not only are sex toy a fun and safe way to bring excitement and sexual fantasy back into your personal or shared sex life, but they are also tools that help you maintain your sexual health and also help to promote understanding and compassion in relationships. Who knew that sex toys could be so good?